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Fans vs. Favorites vs. Probst

Probst asks Alexis how it feels to be the only woman to be blindsided by her own alliance. He's sure it must have hurt. Alexis says it did hurt, and while she knows it was a game and everything, it did get personal. "It takes a little while for your heart to catch up with your head," she says. Fair answer, I'd say. But I don't think her head will ever catch up with her heart when it comes to losing out on those cookies. I'm really wishing Probst would talk about that moment, one of my favorites this season. But no.

Probst says this was one of the most unpredictable seasons the show has ever had, not to mention one with some of the dumbest moves. This brings us to a montage of the blindsides and the blindsidees' reactions to them. Ah, there's Joel's ouster. So satisfying! Then there's a shot of Ozzy celebrating that he found the idol, only to get voted out in the next shot. Lather, rinse, and repeat for Jason. Then there's Alexis' shocked face. And then, of course, there's Erik giving away his immunity necklace only to go home. Probst asks Ozzy if he ever considered playing his idol. Ozzy says he did before every vote. But he thought he had Parvati on his side. He was friends with her before the show and thought he could trust her absolutely. And he probably could have except that he had the freaking idol, which means that any move anyone was going to make against him had to be in secret. Was he expecting Parvati to just let him walk all the way to the end and the million dollars just because they're friends? That's not fair. It's not Parvati's fault that you got over-confident and didn't play the idol. Even if you had played it unnecessarily, that would have been better than not playing it at all. Ozzy reveals that while he wanted to kill Parvati at the time, he's since forgiven her and they're friends again.

Probst moves onto Jason, saying his fake idol led to one of the greatest lines ever on Survivor: "It's just a bleeping stick!" Eliza repeats. Probst asks Eliza what she was thinking when she first saw that fake idol. Again, I'm pretty sure we saw this on the show, so why go into it again? But Eliza says that she knew it wasn't real immediately and thought Jason was playing a cruel trick on her until she stormed onto the beach to yell at him and realized that he thought the "stick with a face on it" was real. "And I knew I was done," Eliza concludes.

Probst turns to Jason, telling him "we adore you" -- that had better be the royal we, because I certainly don't adore Jason -- but that "we" couldn't understand how Jason let himself get voted out exactly the same way as Ozzy. And this despite making a huge blunder thinking the fake idol was real and seeing Ozzy get voted off while holding the real idol, and then finally getting a real idol himself. Unlike Erik, Jason has cut his hair. Into a girly bob. Still, it's definitely an improvement. He's almost cute now. Jason says he suffered from a lack of logical thinking and has no other excuse. He did wind up with a souvenir, though, and he pulls the now-useless immunity idol out of his pocket and says it serves as a reminder of his mistakes so he hopefully won't make any more. I have a feeling he will, though.

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