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Probst makes a big deal out of putting a ball in Espada's barrel and then starts the challenge. Jimmy Johnson and Brenda get through the mud at about the same time, and Jimmy Johnson gets the ball first. Suck on that, cheerleader! Jane and Purple Kelly are next. Jane struggles to find her ball, and Espada loses a lot of time. Holly makes some up by executing a perfect dive into the mud pit, only to also get stuck looking for the ball. Meanwhile, Kelly B. is the final person to go for La Flor, and she makes it through the mud no problem. Probst reminds us that she has an artificial leg, but, again -- she's done triathlons. It's pretty safe to say that sliding through some mud isn't going to keep her down. Anyone who thought it would (NAONKA) is a moron. Kelly B. ends up getting her ball before Holly gets hers, which means that La Flor starts the ball-toss segment of the challenge before Esapda, despite Espada having 25% less to do. Chase throws the first ball to Sash as Holly finally emerges with Espada's final ball. Sash throws to Jud, who throws to Ben, who tosses it in the barrel. It looks like La Flor will have no problem winning another challenge. Then Tyrone drops the ball after a wonky toss from Jimmy T. while Ben gets a second ball in the barrel and La Flor's win seems pretty much certain.

But then! Tyone manages to catch a ball that bounces off of Jimmy T.'s shield and get it in the barrel. Meanwhile, Ben's third ball misses. And Tyrone manages to get a second ball in. Now Espada only has one more ball to La Flor's two. Ben misses again. And again. Tyrone, on the other hand, gets their third and final ball in the barrel. Old people win! "That's what I call kicking ass," Marty says. Enh, that's what I call having a huge advantage and still only being able to win because of the other tribe's mistakes. Probst gives the idol to Dan and asks if they want the tarp or fishing gear. I guess it isn't raining very much in Nicaragua, as they instantly choose the fishing gear. I just hope for their sake that they don't catch any fish that Holly deems poisonous. During the slo-mo walk of shame, Sash says they thought they were going to beat Espada in every challenge, but they didn't.

After the break, La Flor is so boring that we follow Espada back to camp. Holly's bipolar disorder has brought her back to a manic phase, and she's thrilled to win and so happy she didn't quit. Jimmy Johnson says that while Holly appears to be doing well right now, he knows from experience that once someone gets that low, it's easy for them to get that low again. Thank you for your wisdom, Jimmy Johnson. None of us non-football coaches could have figured that one out. Back in the actual game, the tribe looks through their new fishing supplies. And, of course, there's a clue to the immunity idol. This time, it has two clues, unlike the one La Flor got. As it turns out, however, Espada is able to decipher the first clue thanks to Jimmy T., who recognizes a picture of a yardarm. Next to that, it says " - (picture of arm)," so they know it's supposed to say "yard." They probably didn't even need to know that, as the "easier" version of the clue show three footprints, a.k.a. three feet, a.k.a. one yard.

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