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The last clue, a picture of a man standing next to a tree, is a sticking point. They assume they're looking for a tree that looks like a man, and everyone goes out and digs next to random trees. But then Jill makes the connection that man = male, and so tree male = treemail. If I ever go on this show, I'm just going to dig up the entire treemail area. There's always an idol buried near there. What Jill does with the information is fascinating: she calmly strolls up to Marty and tells him the final clue is treemail. "Go get it," she says, patting him on the arm and walking off. She interviews that she thinks Marty is a smart guy and a good ally (which he is, if only because he's one of the only people in the tribe who isn't insane), and so telling him about the idol was a good way to earn his trust.

Marty starts digging around treemail. Dan wanders over too, as he was standing next to Marty when Jill told him. Marty says that it looks like he, Jill, and Dan are now in some kind of alliance, which he's okay with. After digging for like three seconds, Dan takes off. Jill, meanwhile, has become impatient with how long it's taking Marty to do her bidding and decides to join him before everyone else figures out where the idol is. She instantly spots it lying in the dirt and points it out to Marty, who grabs it and says "the idol, Jill, I got it! I got the idol, baby! I got the first -- we got the idol." Jill says yes - they both got the idol. I mean, basically, Jill figured the clue out and found the idol. All Marty did was pick it up. And now he's acting like he got it himself? In the interview, he graciously admits that he wouldn't have found the idol without Jill's help with the clue. Now, he says, they just have to figure out how to make it work. Sounds like he's planning on sticking with her.

La Flor returns to camp, defeated and terrible. Jud says they should chalk their loss up to the Medallion, which is probably true. Chase says the girls did a great job crawling through the mud, especially Kelly B. NaOnka interviews that she sat out today's challenge to test Kelly B. and see how she would perform under physical conditions or even if she'd beg off and refuse to do them. Clearly, she expected Kelly B. to fail that test. And clearly, she didn't. So now NaOnka looks even less essential than before. She says she was "very proud of" Kelly B., and "she's just awesome" before turning back into NaOnka again and adding that she still doesn't like her. Meanwhile, Kelly B. recommends to Alina that they not vote NaOnka out because no one likes her and she's awful at everything, so they should keep her for an easy boot later. Alina says she'd rather get rid of Brenda tonight instead, citing that her obvious bond with Chase makes her a big threat.

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