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Chase immediately takes a walk with Brenda and tells her what's up: Shannon, Alina, Ben, Jud, and Kelly B. are in an alliance and Brenda is their target. Brenda's face suggests that she's suddenly finding this game a bit more difficult than she thought. Chase interviews that he likes Shannon and all, but he feels like there's something "not quite right" about him. Yeah, he wants to vote your girlfriend off the island. Brenda says if Shannon is the one calling all the shots here, why doesn't Chase just get rid of him? Chase doesn't really know what to say to that, because he's stupid. Meanwhile, in Brenda's desire to give Chase a strong argument, she's raised her voice enough for Alina to overhear while sitting in the shelter. So Alina now knows that Brenda knows she's in danger and who Brenda considers to be in her alliance. And yet, Brenda still thinks that she's doing an awesome job in this game, interviewing how great it was for her that Chase just up and told her what the other alliance was planning. She thinks Chase will side with her tonight, which means the votes will be tied. Alina springs into action, telling Shannon all about what she heard and that Chase is no longer on their side. "This sucks, man. Nothing is as it seems," Jud says, finally starting to sort of grasp one aspect of this show. Shannon says that his alliance went from six to he has no idea. He just has to hope that Chase keeps his word.

La Flor arrive at Tribal. Probst starts off with Shannon, asking him if this was more or less difficult than he expected. Shannon says that of course it's much worse, especially since he's never gone camping before. And then he segues into how hard it is to trust certain people, saying that some people promised him their word only for him to find out later that they were lying. And just in case he didn't make it obvious enough who he's talking about, he says that "he" had better hope "his girlfriend" doesn't get voted out tonight, or else he'll be the next to go. "Wow," Probst says, not sarcastically, either. Chase speaks up, saying that Shannon is talking about him and the girlfriend in question is Brenda. Naturally, the producers sat Chase and Shannon next to each other tonight with Brenda sitting between them in the front. Chase says that Brenda is not his girlfriend; he's just felt like, since day one, he could trust her in this game. Her and Ben, he says, probably because Ben is pretty close to "Brenda" and Chase is a moron. If there was a Brandon on this tribe, Chase would trust him implicitly too, I suspect.

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