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Sally votes for Aras. "I'm kind of sick of the six of you," she offers. Cirie votes for Sally: "Just strategy; nothing personal; hope you have the idol." Aras votes. Terry votes for Aras. Bruce votes. Courtney votes, saying, "You're a great player in this game, and too much of a threat." At some point in there, Chiclets voted, but I missed it. Jeff goes off to tally. He brings the votes back. Sally. Sally. Aras. Aras. Sally. Sally. Sally. So that's it for her, unless she has the hidden idol. She...does not. So Sally brings her torch over to be snuffed. Everyone looks sad. She waves goodbye. Jeff says that the game seems to be six against Terry, and he's got his cocky smirk on. He sends them all back to camp.

Sally tells us that she's not unhappy that Terry didn't give her the idol, and that she found lots of inner strength that she'll be carrying away from the game. "I have no regrets," she says. Nor should she, except maybe the long socks she kept wearing. Those are a little bit regrettable.

Next week: Bruce is very unwell. Terry wants Casaya to implode. Shane is arguing with people again. Shane is "turning the game," probably into something really icky and possibly infected.

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