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In the shelter, Chiclets mutters, "I just wish Terry and Sally were gone. And then Aras." Aha. Interesting! Chiclets is not a fan. It also makes me think that the C-List may have something in mind regarding the way the Casaya situation will develop when they run out of La Minans to boot. I would enjoy seeing Aras banished, hopefully carrying a little mat over his shoulder. I bet he looks nice in a leotard. Terry goes on to interview that he and Sally are really on their own at this point. It's good that he noticed. He says he's "totally motivated to kick their [Casayan] butts at everything that comes down the road." Back at the shelter chat, Courtney tells the C-List that they need to get rid of Terry's idol, or just boot him if he doesn't have it. It's easier for her to say, of course, because she knows that it will be Aras, not her, who will go if the idol does show up. Voting for Terry with Aras as the other option is kind of a free boot for Courtney and her friends, because either way, they're happy.

With the other women looking on, Chiclets snoops in Terry's bag to try to see the idol he showed her, but it's not there now. She interviews that she isn't entirely sure that the "furry" thing she saw was even the idol to begin with. Chiclets says that Terry might have just found "this furry thing out in the woods." Some kind of trinket, you know. Bigfoot's thumb, for instance. Chiclets says that you have to be careful about assuming you know who has the idol, and I think she speaks from experience in speaking about the dangers of underestimating your own cluelessness. Aras visits the C-List, and tells them about the chat he had with Terry about being in the Navy. Aras assures them that Terry will eventually be gotten rid of: "He flies planes. He's not an American Gladiator." I never say "Word, Aras," ever, but...if I ever were going to, I would have said it then. He also tells the C-list that if they win, he wants to be sent to Exile Island so that he can snoop around and see what the story is with the idol. This, of course, means that this will happen, because for whatever reason, these women seem to do as they're told. Aras interviews that he doesn't know, really, what his situation is, but that he knows he's possibly a target.

Challenge course. is maybe the hardest challenge course ever to explain, but I'll have a go. There are these two great big frames, cube-shaped, like the size of a medium-sized room, and there are flags stuck in the corner posts. There are also holes along the bottom of the frame. There's a sort of a harness/stretcher deal that hangs down on an elastic band from the middle of the frame, big enough to hold a person lying face-down. Jeff welcomes the entire group, and he explains that what they're playing for is something having to do with people back home. They're all going off to see their videos -- or a little bit of their videos. I would love it if one of the videos was of a person lying lifeless on the couch pretending to be dead, and then the Survivor was like, "Oh my God! Grandma's dead!" That would be the funniest family video ever.

We begin with Jeff making it clear that the family members are not here personally, and then he starts the viewings with an appearance by Terry's wife, kids, and dog. They look just about as you would expect, and Terry's daughter blubbers through the whole thing. Poor kid. Chiclets's family has wonderful Boston accents. Bruce's family asks the dog where Bruce is, and the dog barks. Hee. That's totally my parents' dog. Who, incidentally, is having ACL surgery soon. I didn't even know he played basketball! Bruce's wife is really pretty, by the way. Courtney's mom tells her that the family is thinking about her. Mom looks kind of severe, though, although Courtney promises that her mom was flashing her "love signs." Aw. They're all part of the love gang! Aras's dad is seen on a bike, and the only thing I care about where he's concerned is that Papa Aras does roll the "R" in Aras, so that's kind of interesting. And Aras's dad has a teepee! All of a sudden, I feel culturally insensitive for hating his guts. But Aras explains that his dad has just always wanted one. So maybe his dad is just a random dork.

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