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And now, Shane. We do finally see the famous Boston Powers, who looks like he might be a pretty good kid, just kind of lounging around with his dog. I predict that the dog is the most stable influence in the kid's life, if you get my drift. Shane bawls like...not even like a girl -- most girls wouldn't be caught dead doing that shit. Jeff asks Shane about Boston, and Shane says that they "grew up together," because he was only twenty-one when the kid was born. And I'm guessing he wasn't one of those "he's a mature twenty-one" guys, either. He says that his kid is his "other half" and "brother" and "best friend." ["Told you." -- Wing Chun] Interestingly, I...I usually don't like parents who are too breezy about "my kid and I are friends!," but this one didn't bug me, because of the seriousness. I do think that family relationships are really variable, and not everybody's family makes sense to anybody else. You have to kind of feel how you feel, and a guy who loves his kid this much, I can't really fault. You know, for this.

Sally's mom and dad are in her video, which is kind of interesting, since she discussed estrangement earlier. They don't look all that comfortable, though, and it's her sister doing the talking. Aside from a fairly stiff "we love you," and wave at the end, her folks don't talk in the bit that we see. I can completely believe that could still be a really strained relationship, although in the "we love you, but we hate what you're doing" way, rather than the "you can't walk in the door of our house" kind of way. Sally cries. That's sad. I also like it when Jeff points out that her sister has a new apartment, as the sister mentioned. "Apparently," Sally agrees. Oh, things do happen while you're away.

Jeff pretends he's going to forget about Cirie, but that just means he loves her the most, so he does cue up her kids and her husband for her to see. They're all adorable, and she cries just like everybody else. As usual, this entire sequence with all the crying kind of weirds me out, because...I mean, I was away from home for a month a few times when I was a kid, for camp or whatever, and I went months without seeing my family when I was in law school. This "I haven't seen my family in three weeks, and I burst into bawling the minute I see them" thing just kind of freaks me out. Maybe your kids, but the rest of it is weird. ["I always chalk up the intensity of these people's emotions at moments like this to the intensity of the experience in general, and that seeing people you knew before you were just maneuvering and strategizing with people you don't even like would remind you that you had a life before you were in this game, and you would miss that." -- Wing Chun]

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