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Anyway, Jeff tells the group that if they win the reward challenge, they'll win the opportunity to see their whole video, and they'll also get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. I love how a punishment on Big Brother is a reward on Survivor. The people on Big Brother are such sissies, not like you didn't know this. Poor them, sitting around eating PB&J.

So now, Jeff explains the challenge. They're going to compete as two teams of four. One person will lie on the stretcher thing, and the others will use ropes to pull them around on their bouncing bungee cord thing. (Whatever. I told you it would be hard to explain.) You have to pull them to the corner post to get each flag, and then down to the bottom to stick it in the right hole. And the flags have to be done in a specific order, so you have to put them to the right flag at the right time. (I realize that if you didn't see this, it's very difficult to envision. I apologize. You can just pretend they're doing a Virginia Reel, or something.) Anyway, the winners will send someone to Exile Island.

The way the teams break out and line themselves up, Courtney is being pulled around by Bruce, Sally, and Terry. Chiclets is being pulled by Aras, Shane, and Cirie. This is for love and sandwiches, maybe the best reward ever. Ready? Go! It's a really cool-looking challenge, especially once the teams get good at it and start skillfully winging the women around. The action only gets complicated fairly late in the challenge, when Chiclets has a lead, only to lose it when her team bumps one of the flags out of its hole, which means that she has to be brought back down to pick it up and put it back. They then knock out another one, and she has even more trouble getting that one back in. In case I haven't mentioned it, it's a really good challenge, and it shows that even after a long time, the challenge designers are working their asses off to come up with new stuff. I had the honor, incidentally, of interviewing one of the challenge guys once, and it was totally the coolest thing ever. Those guys fucking rock, and even though I hate recapping challenges, I kind of wanted to make out with the challenge guy.

Anyway. Courtney's group is on a good roll, and it's just too difficult for Chiclets and her crowd to catch up. The funniest part is that as soon as they win, they all let go of the rope, and Courtney goes flying. Wouldn't have been so funny if they'd flung her into a post and broken all her teeth. Or it wouldn't have been funny in the same way. I really do think Courtney has to get a lot of the credit for that challenge victory, because much of it had to do with not only getting the stretcher to the right place, but the person on it being able to remain calm and handle the flags smoothly. I think a gymnast is just who you want in that situation.

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