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Cirie has a chat with Bruce, meanwhile, in which she says that she can't believe Terry is going to turn over his idol to anyone: "If he does, that will go down as the worst move in Survivor history." I don't think anything will ever match Lex's decision to boot Jerri instead of Amber, quite frankly.

Courtney does some kind of fire dancing thing, and Terry tells Sally that Courtney won't make a commitment to flipping. He then interviews that if Courtney isn't willing to go, then he may or may not give the idol to Sally -- he hasn't decided. He says that if he can get good numbers, then he won't have to win another challenge until F3. Courtney fire-dances for her team. It's all very dramatic. I think the guys in editing can't believe they got lucky enough to have somebody waving fire all over the place while plans are being hatched.

Tribal council. Everyone is seated, and Sally is wearing her "I'm fucked" face. Austin is brought in, and everyone chuckles with affection, appreciating, I think, how clean and well-fed he suddenly looks. Jeff starts off by mocking the weenies who sat out of the immunity challenge at the word "cheeseburger." Jeff asks whether Shane is concerned that a move like that could backfire. Shane goes into a bit about how he "overperformed" at the challenge by eating two cheeseburgers, which is oddly a little bit funny. He does say that part of him believed that, as a team player, he should have competed instead of eating. But on the other hand, he didn't feel like he, personally, needed to get immunity today. For her part, Sally talks about how confident people have the luxury of being confident, and she doesn't, so much. Jeff asks Aras about being stuck with the responsibility of winning for his tribe. Aras says that he felt like he was the one who would be screwed if they didn't get immunity, and that they need to get immunity away from Terry. Jeff asks Shane whether they discuss Terry's dominance, and Shane says that it's going to take six consecutive immunities, and while Terry's a "forty-seven-year-old beast," Shane isn't convinced it can be done. Terry: "Regardless, I'm going to continue winning immunities, whether they like it or not." Chiclets can be heard to say, "Here we go." Terry talks about how he wants to compete against Aras, who's such a monster. Jeff asks Chiclets about her comment, and she says that Terry does have a way of going on and on about how great and how competitive he is: "It's all about Terry, Terry, Terry." She comments on how cocky and confident he is, and Jeff calls her out for being kind of cocky herself. Chiclets says Terry has all of them beat. ["At first I was kind of put off by Terry's trash talk, but when you're in a situation like that, where the dominant alliance is not even making a token effort not to lord it over you, trash talk is kind of the only way you can respond and still respect yourself." -- Wing Chun] Jeff asks Chiclets whether she's frustrated about being unable to beat Terry, and she says she is, but that there will eventually be one that Terry can't win.

Jeff asks Cirie about the idol, and Cirie says that there are many competing theories about it; she'd like to just see it come out. Aras takes issue with that, because he thinks he'll be the one to go. Now, Jeff asks Terry if he wants to give away the necklace, and...he doesn't.

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