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Earl Redux

Jeff asks Earl if there was a pivotal moment in the game that led to his win, and Earl says that his pivotal moment, unfortunately, was booting Yau Man, which made it possible for him to get all those votes. Jeff points out that if that's the case, then that goes back to the pivotal decision really being "Dreamz" not giving Yau Man immunity. Earl agrees, saying that he was "shocked" by that development. He says he was already gearing up for a battle with Yau Man, so he was very surprised to find that it wasn't going to happen that way. Earl openly says that when he heard "Dreamz" go back on the deal, he thought, "I just won a million dollars." Jeff says it sounds like Earl knew he had the votes, and Earl hedges before admitting that...yes, he was pretty confident he'd beat Cassandra and "Dreamz." Jeff does his dumb and pointless thing here where he asks people to raise their hands if they would have voted for Yau Man instead of Earl if he'd been in the final three instead of "Dreamz." The funniest part is that Lisi, ever the desperate hanger-on, totally doesn't raise her hand, but she looks over to see what Alex is doing. Once she sees Alex's hand go up, she obediently raises her hand, because she can't think for herself, like, at all. She's the Lacey Chabert of this Mean Girls movie. So those ostensibly offering their votes to Yau Man include Stacy, Alex, Boo, Lisi, and Rocky. So, of course, Jeff declares that Yau Man would have won. This is always so meaningless, because nobody really knows what they would have done if the situation had been different; it isn't possible. If Yau Man's there, maybe the jury decides he was "crafty" or something. All jury grapes are sour; it's a basic rule of the game. That's not to mention the fact that Lisi totally has no idea what she would have done on her own. But Jeff congratulates Earl on the "very wise decision" to get rid of Yau Man.

Jeff now talks about how "Dreamz" profoundly affected three people: himself, Earl, and Yau Man. "Dreamz" sputters some grinning nonsense about how he's "a good guy" and happy to affect three people...two negatively, including himself, but no matter. Being important is what counts! Jeff promises that we'll come back and talk to "Dreamz" and figure out what the hell goes on in his head. I'm skeptical, but I suppose that natural curiosity is good for us all.

Falling-down shots take us into commercials, logically enough. This whole season was about falling down, for many of us, and more falling down is probably the only thing that could have made it better.

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