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Earl Redux

We return to a "Dreamz" montage, including the wonderful/uncomfortable "shaqueelah" sequence. I can't believe I forgot to make better use of that during the season. In the studio, we are reminded that We! Are! Live! Jeff says that he wants to know first whether it's possible for "Dreamz" to really explain how he feels about things, given how different his perspective on a million-dollar game show naturally is from the perspective of, say, someone who hasn't ever lived in poverty. It's a fair question, though I'm not sure it's one that he's really equipped to answer, any more than any of us can speak intelligently about how our perspectives affect our perceptions. "Dreamz" kind of looks baffled, but he goes in another direction by saying that his background helped him not to be upset by the conditions, since living on the island was better than some of the other ways he's lived. Fair enough. He insists, as has become his general mantra, that what got him in trouble was the inability to separate friends from the game. Which is not true at all. I mean, where was he conflicted because of friendship? He wasn't conflicted over breaking his word to Yau Man because they were friends; he was conflicted over breaking his word to Yau Man because he already took the dude's truck. A real, honest, $60,000 truck that he extracted with a deal he didn't keep. That didn't bother him because they were buddies; it bothered him because he baldly went back on a deal after collecting a $60,000 payout. If that had been about friendship, the solution is incredibly easy: renege on the deal and give back the truck, and you have your shot at the million and you haven't screwed your friend. Problem solved! Anyway.

Jeff wonders whether "Dreamz" was "socially overwhelmed." Because Jeff gives him an opening by asking about his "plan," if he had one, "Dreamz" goes into this whole thing about how he had a plan from the minute he got there, everything was all carefully scripted from the beginning, which is total and obvious bullshit, and it's kind of embarrassing to see him trying to bravado his way through this conversation, as if he's fooling anybody. He says that he talked to Earl the first day about getting to the end, and they had a deal that they had kind of got messed up when they were separated tribe-wise. Jeff tries to get him back to the topic at hand, pressing that what people want to know about him is whether he was improvising the entire time (which he obviously was) or whether he was some kind of strategic genius (which he obviously wasn't). Unsurprisingly, "Dreamz" goes with "genius," though he glosses it so much that Jeff eventually turns to the audience in frustration to explain how hard it was the entire time to ever get the guy to give a straight answer.

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