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Earl Redux

Cassandra, called upon to help resolve the conflict, loyally insists that "Dreamz" was only pretending to be improvising, and in fact he was brilliant. God, why do these people think they're going to bullshit things that are contradicted by (1) people's actions and (2) private confessionals in which they have no motive to lie? It's just ridiculous, this "crazy genius" theory. It's ridiculous. She also preposterously claims that "Dreamz" "knew what people were thinking and how they would react" to events, meaning that he apparently intentionally behaved in a manner that would cause him to get not one single jury vote. I mean...come on. We're not idiots, lady. You want us to give him credit; give us a little credit, too. This also wildly contradicts his own repeated comments during the show that nothing he had planned ever worked out the way he intended. I understand that she feels defensive about people calling him stupid, and she's not wrong, because "strategically scattershot" is not the same as "stupid," but she's taking us on such a smoke-blowing tour here that what she's saying is losing all impact. She closes by marveling at his ability to get back in people's good graces, which worked like a charm on the jury. Shut up, Cassandra.

Jeff shows a montage that reminds us all of the way the truck deal developed and the eventual reneging happened. He has the assistance of clips, fortunately. When we come back, the audience is booing lustily. And, logically, Boo puts his hand up to acknowledge the crowd screaming his name. Hee hee. Nice touch. I have a feeling that's not his first time on that joke. Jeff gets back to business and asks "Dreamz" about the wiggling back and forth about what he was going to do, as far as wanting his son to be a man of his word versus warning Earl and Cassandra about what to do if he didn't go with the "keeping my word for the good of my son" thing. So Jeff asks him, once again, whether at the time he made the deal, he intended to keep it. Of course, "Dreamz" first responds just as he has every time this has come up, which is by saying that he tried to get Yau Man out before he had to do either -- he tried to get Yau Man out before it became an issue. And we know that. That's right. However. The fact remains that he still, at the time the deal was made, knew that it was possible that wouldn't happen. And if that happened, did he think he would keep his word, did he think he wouldn't keep his word, or was he not sure? There exists an answer to that question. It's not Zen, it's not one of those crazy "tree falls in the forest" things; it's just a question, and "Dreamz" really, really, really does not want to answer it. Because I think the answer is "I saw the shiny truck and figured I'd deal with the rest later," like the kind of person who goes for those "no payments for six months" advertisements.

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