Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Lill swims over to Jeff, as Sandra tries to smile, sure that she is done for. To her credit, Sandra continues trying to send warm smiles to Lill, knowing that Lill has just had a huge moment, even though I think Sandra quite logically believes that there's no chance Lill is taking her to the final two.

Back from commercials, the final three are walking back to camp. Lill interviews that she was incredibly nervous during the challenge, because she knew that neither Jon nor Sandra would take her to the final two if they won. She calls the Supreme Cutlass "baby" as she returns it to its perch at camp. Oy. Shut up, Lill, you just did a good thing. Don't ruin it so quickly. Lill interviews that her win had nothing to do with scheming or strategy -- it was for herself and herself alone. Sandra mentions to Lill that she, too, has a husband and kids at home she wants to provide for, and Lill says she's thinking about it. Sandra interviews that if Lill is smart, she's going to keep Jon and send Sandra home tonight at tribal council: "I will be in damn shock if I'm not voted out tonight." Jon, walking around stiffly, says that the immunity challenge was "about the most hardcore thing [he's] ever done." Crouching on a raft is the most hardcore thing you've ever done? Okay, wrestler-man. I think you're ready for your pile-driver. He explains that the walking around is an effort to restore his circulation. "My gut right now says I'm going home tonight," he says. He comments, though, that Sandra thinks she's going, too. And it's all up to Lill. Jon watching his fate be contemplated by Lill? Also funny.

Speaking of funny, Lill and Sandra have a little chat. Sandra points out that when Lill wanted Darrah out, Sandra said, "Lill, whatever you want." And when Lill wanted Burton out, Sandra said, "Lill whatever you want." So Sandra's theory is that now that Sandra is asking to be taken to the final two, Lill ought to be willing to say, "Sandra, whatever you want." Heh. That was cute. They laugh.

Lill contemplates her decision: "Sandra, she's got a family. She's got children, she's got a husband, she works." Sandra, on the other hand, has friends on the jury. "She may have a good shot at it," Lill says. Jon, by contrast, is a huge asshole, not that Lill says it quite this way. He argues to Lill inside the shelter that everyone hates him, so she obviously should take him. She points out that Burton doesn't hate Jon, and Jon counters that Burton's is the only vote he'd ever get. Sandra, Jon claims, has at least the votes of Christa, Rupert, Ryan-O, Burton...Lill will never win against Sandra. Lill interviews that she isn't sure whether Jon would or wouldn't be the right person to take. Sure, people hate him, but he's a player. Might they not reward that? She sings "Amazing Grace" as they get ready to leave for tribal council. Okay, now the whole thing is just getting...weird. Jon dramatically throws his scarf over his shoulder, all Isadora Duncan all of a sudden...or at least that's what I'm imagining.

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