Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Tribal council. The final three row there and approach the fire pit with their torches. Jeff greets them and brings in the jury. He asks Jon if anyone particularly stood out during the tribute with the torches and the boat-burning. Jon says that Burton and Rupert stood out. His best bud, and the person he screwed the hardest. By the way, Burton has already lost the goatee, so apparently, he knew that was a bad idea almost immediately. Jeff asks about the immunity challenge. He asks Sandra how she felt when she dropped out, and she comments that she figured Lill would drop out almost right away, and that she was stunned to see Lill hang in for so long and beat Jon. Sandra gives up the fact that everyone totally would have underestimated Lill in a situation like that. I have to say, I think Sandra's almost complete candor in these last two tribal councils was a great service to her, and this is part of it. She gives Lill props, which appear to be totally genuine, for hanging in and crushing Jon. Jeff asks Lill what she's thinking about in making her decision. She says that she has given a lot of thought to Jon's constant strategizing, as well as the fact that Sandra has several friends on the jury. When Jeff asks her what her decision will be based on, she says that it will come down to whether she believes she can beat the person or not. Jeff explains that the only person voting will be Lill.

Lill goes to vote. Jeff, to his credit, does not say he's going to go "tally the vote." He says he's going to "get the vote." Heh. Jon sits with the Fairplay Fingers while Jeff unfolds the vote. And what does it say? "Jonny Fairplay." Well, okay. "Johny Fairplay," actually, but let's not step on Lill's moment. "Oh, my God," Sandra says with a grin. Burton's eyebrows pop, like, "Huh. Who knew?" Sandra and Lill hug. "Peace out," Jon says, as he is mercifully, finally snuffed. Foiled by Lill. Oh, the justice. Sandra and Lill clutch hands, and Jeff congratulates them. He reminds them that they should be thinking about what they want to say tomorrow to convince the jury to vote for them.

Again, thank you, Lill. Thank you, thank you, for sparing us a Lill/Jon final two. Because...can you imagine? After this topsy-turvy, often really exciting and unexpected season, a final two of LILL AND JON? Yuck. And it almost happened, people. It really, really almost happened. Jon says that he's proud of himself, and that he never played fair, and that he's the "last man," as if that has meaning of some kind.

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