Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Lill and Sandra return to camp. Sandra says she was so sure she was going to be voted out that she was standing with her hand on her stuff, ready to get up and leave, so as not to be one of those dummies who can't figure out where to go when they're booted. Hee. Lill claims that when she and Sandra returned to camp, they realized that they were "what they call the two sole survivors." Well...they don't really say that, in the sense that "two" aren't "sole," but...whatever. I'm cutting her slack, because she just rid me of Jon. They talk more around the fire about how shocked Sandra was not to see her name. Lill interviews that she's hoping she has more friends than Sandra does. She adds, however, that she also was much more comfortable with the idea of Sandra's having the money than Jon. Back at the fire, Lill elaborates, telling Sandra that she never really appreciated Jon's being so manipulative and nasty and everything. "He thought he could just demand whatever he wanted from me and my vote," Lill says simply. She shares with Sandra that she does feel a kinship with her because they're both moms and they both have kids and such. Sandra interviews again that she just wanted to have a graceful exit, and that she was absolutely shocked when the exit failed to materialize. Lill says that she and Sandra are just going to try to have a relaxing evening and following day.

The sun comes up on Day 39. Birds fly around. We swoop over the sandy beach as Lill stands in the surf and voices over that the game is "not for the faint of heart." She explains that you have to be physically and mentally prepared. Then she makes an indignant remark about people who have the nerve to judge the contestants from the comfort of their living rooms. Wait, is she talking to me? Because if she is, she can shut up. If people failed to take an interest in judging you, crazy lady, there would be no show, so you can shut your yap, please. God, I hate that argument. "You should just leave me alone and let me be on television in private!" Cram it, Lill. She goes on to say that her "middle-aged body hurts," and that she's tired and blah blah blah, and has to pull it together for tribal council.

Sandra happily interviews that she has made it through the entire game without receiving a single vote, and now if she gets one, it will be a good thing. Sandra says, unsurprisingly, that she hopes she wins. She predicts that the vote will be close. A nearby lizard agrees.

"Thank you, Lord...we're outta here," Lill says, as she and Sandra leave camp for the last time and head to tribal council. Touching music plays as they wander away and we look at camp which, this time, they didn't burn. Fire regulations and all, probably. Plus, they already burned a boat. They paddle away from the beach.

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