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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

And now, The Jury. Ryan-O interviews that he doesn't feel that good about having all this power to decide who gets the million. "It's a lot of pressure," he says. He says that what he wants is to give the money to someone who deserves it. He is Ryan-O, Electrician of Justice.

Tijuana interviews that to her, what Lill has in her favor is her perseverance in spite of a pretty shitty situation, and I agree with that. In Sandra's favor, she was honest and "upfront" with people. I agree with that, too. Tijuana is my friend. Especially compared to everyone else.

Burton says that everyone in the game has lied and backstabbed, so he just wants total honesty at the last tribal council. Whoever answers his question more honestly will get his vote. Come on, Burton. You are not giving the money to Lill. Don't kid a kidder, there, pretty-boy.

Christa calls the final two "the two most unlikely people, I think." She says, not entirely incorrectly, that Lill had a good shot at being the first person voted out of Morgan, and Sandra had a good shot at being the first person voted out of Drake. And here they are. And also go to hell, Christa, because I cannot stand you. (No, it doesn't have much to do with what she just said. It's just true.)

Darrah is still pretty stung about being voted off, and she chokes up a little as she talks about the ups and downs of the game. Her interest at tribal council is in saying something back to them because they "screwed [her] over." Well...right. That's the part where they want to win, and they want you not to win. Apparently, Darrah has adopted the They Should Have Just Given Me The Money Theory, pioneered by Rupert.

"I would hope that Lill and Sandra appreciate where they are." This, of course, is the booming voice of Rupert. He says that he wants them to appreciate "the situation that they have been given." Catching himself, he says, "and earned," because otherwise, his utter ungraciousness would be revealed. "The significance of tonight is going to be life-changing for one person. A million dollars is going to be life-changing. We are going to take one little housewife, one little mama, and make their lives, their husband's lives, and their kids' lives...different." The way he says "different," by the way, is totally hilarious in its gravity. It's not surprising that Rupert sees this entire thing through the impact that he is going to have. It's not really about the people vying for the million, it's about the incredible importance of the jury. The jury's task is life-changing. I'm not even bothering with "little housewife" and "little mama," because I think Rupert's condescension will have plenty of opportunities to show itself that are less blatant.

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