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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Back at tribal council, it's time for the jury to ask a question of Sandra and Lill. Jeff says that the idea is to "gain information," because he has never seen the show, and doesn't understand that the idea, in fact, is to get your last digs in. Duh, Jeff.

Ryan-O turns to Lill and asks her why, since she was out of the game for ten days, he should vote for her. I actually think that's a fair question, though not especially enlightening. Lill's answer, of course, is lame: she says that it wasn't easy being an Outcast, either. It's not that I think it would have mattered, but the right answer, I think, would have been that there were disadvantages from being out of the game, too -- resentment from her old tribe, trouble getting reestablished, and so forth. Rather than stressing that being gone was hard, she should have stressed that coming back was hard, if that makes sense.

To Sandra, Ryan-O asks whether she thinks that she "rode certain people's coattails." Again with the non-existent coattails argument. There are no coattails in Survivor, Ryan-O. No coattails. At all. Sandra denies that she rode anyone's coattails, because she knows he's talking about Rupert, and considering that Rupert came in eighth, she was apparently able to stay in the game without him. Damn straight, sister. If you've seen much of Sandra, I think you have to think she really doesn't require coattails. She knows what she's doing -- more, in fact, than Rupert does. Ryan-O looks slightly amused and impressed that Lill just handed his head to him, which is to his credit.

Time for Rupert to self-aggrandize, as is his tradition: "I'm impressed and proud of both of you." Gee, thanks, Daddy! After this opening, however, he lights into Lill right away, accusing her of lying to him and so forth. He asks her whether anything she ever told him was true, despite the fact that it appeared that everything she told him was true, basically until he was getting voted out. Whatever. What's more, Rupert actually accuses Lill of not being a good scout. And all of the revisionist history I suspect he would feed you now about how he just wanted her to admit she couldn't be a scout and play the game is just not accurate. He basically tells Lill that she should have lived by the scout oath, which is the biggest pile of bullshit ever in a final tribal council, and that is really saying something. Rupert accuses Lill of having "sucked him in" so that he would believe her. Yeah, because that Lillian is quite a complex plotter. Whatever. "Tell me anything that you were truthful with me" is Rupert's ungrammatical question, and she answers it by telling him that, contrary to his claim that everything she said was false except the first day, in fact everything was honest until the plot to oust him was brought to her by Burton. So she is, in fact, answering the question. Unsatisfied with this, Rupert says with a condescending little "you idiot" sigh that this doesn't tell him anything in particular that she said that was the truth. He asks her for specifics, and she gives him specifics, recalling specific conversations about family and home and what they cared about, and she says that all of that was true. Rupert actually rolls his eyes, despite the fact that she just answered the question. He's such a fuckwit sometimes, I cannot stand it. "I think that's all you're going to get, Rupert," Jeff interjects, considering that Rupert clearly is not willing to accept answers to his actual questions. "I think so, too," Rupert says in his little "she will never get it" voice. Of all the times I hated Rupert during the show, I hated him the most at that moment. What a fucking asshole. Seriously. He asked her a question; she answered it. He asked her another question; she answered it. Jeff wasn't telling you to give up because Lill wasn't going to answer, Rupert; Jeff was cutting you off because you had already had your question answered, and you're not going to turn the entire show into your personal playground again. Still, the eyes roll, the condescension continues...oh, no one is good enough. Especially not a "little housewife." You arrogant, self-important twit.

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