Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Christa turns to Sandra and asks some dumb-ass question about "what's your wackiest scheme" or something, and Sandra tells some story about listening in on something something and it's more Lill bashing, and frankly, it's overkill at this point.

Burton asks both Lill and Sandra about their survival skills. Sandra says she could survive for a short time, and then she'd struggle. Lill says that she'd last a little longer, knowing how to make fire and get water from scouting, so she gives herself a seven out of ten, while Sandra gave herself a five. Not too far off, I'd say. Of course, because she didn't flog herself, which is the only thing any of these people are interested in from Lill, she's not going to get Burton's vote from it, but there you go.

Darrah. She used to be quiet, but now she's just bitter. She wants Lill and Sandra to explain how they got here. Considering that they both already explained their strategies, I'm not sure of the point of this question, but we'll go with it. Sandra repeats her "anyone but me" theory -- truly a great one, actually -- and that there were other always other fish to fry. Lill says that she wasn't threatening because she was older and not athletic, and that she followed her alliances at times and broke away from them at times: "Some of it is following along, some of it is using my own head and doing something on my own." It's also not a bad answer, really. I remembered Lill's answers being much worse than they were based on my first viewing, probably because the contestants were so snotty about them, but they're really not that terrible.

Jon. Of course, you'd think Jon would have something fascinating to say. Or, if you've ever seen him before, something clichéd and obvious. "My question's for Jeff; can I vote 'none of the above'?" Wait, that's his line? That's the line he thought about from yesterday until today? "None of the above"? Wow, good one. Anyway, Jon's real question is about how well they think they represented their various constituencies -- with Lill, the Boy Scouts, and with Sandra, Puerto Ricans. Suffice it to say that Lill doesn't think she did or could have represented the scouts very well, given the nature of the game, and Sandra doesn't think she embarrassed Puerto Rico. And I'm just not devoting any more time than that to Jon anymore, because he's a waste of typing, and more attention is exactly what he wants, and I'm boycotting his ass.

But note that for contestants who would later claim in their revisionist manner that Lill would never admit that she played the game rather than representing the scouts, her last sentence is, "I did not represent the scouts very well at all." Period. So she did, as it turns out, own up to what she did.

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