Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Now, it's time for a commercial, so Sandra and Lill can think about their last words to the jury.

Back from commercials, it is time for final speeches. Sandra says she played the game the only way she knew how. She was upfront about the kind of person she is, and although she feared that her mouth would get her in trouble, she's now glad she did it that way. She says she thinks she's a good person, regardless of how many people she cussed out (heh), and she has no regrets. I have no regrets about her, either. What kind of a game would it be if nobody got cussed out?

Lill, unfortunately for her, has let the questioning get to her, as we learn when she takes over for her final statement. If she had it to do over again, she says, she wouldn't have brought the uniform. There's no honor in Survivor, and although she intended to play honestly, she soon figured out that she couldn't: "Whatever you guys say about my honor and my integrity is bullshit." Heh, good for her. Seriously. She's obnoxious, she's whiny, she's irritating as all hell, she's socially inept, she's a drama queen, she takes everything much too personally, and she is not cut out for Survivor. But I don't blame her for not being interested in listening to the likes of Christa, Jon, or Rupert impugning her integrity as a person, because that is, as she says, seriously ridiculous. She stresses that she may have lied in the game, but that doesn't mean she lies at home, and it doesn't mean she has to put up with them lecturing her about integrity. She says that she also tried to play hard, and she also tried to make friends, and that it was hurtful to her when her friendships dissolved. "You either play the game, or you get voted out," she says plainly. ["'And I did get voted out once,' Lill fails to add, 'so I know.'" -- Wing Chun] "So no matter what you guys do, I did the best I could with what I had, and the person that I am," says Lill. She stresses that when this is over, she's going home to her family and her life, and that's what's important to her. She's going to tell her troop that it was just a game: "Put the scout uniform aside. I wish I had, and I didn't." Again, a better answer than I remembered. She is expressing regret, and she is expressing that she thinks she fucked up by bringing the uniform. I really don't know what else she could have said. She said she lied because it was the only way to win the game, which I think is true. She said she shouldn't have come in thinking she could be a good scout and a good contestant, which I also think is true. Like I said, I don't like her, but I also don't think she's a bad person. She's just irritating. And there are a lot worse things to be than that. Like self-righteous, judgmental, and maliciously nasty -- like Rupert, Christa, and Jon.

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