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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Now, it's time to vote. Christa votes. Rupert votes for Sandra, talking about how proud he is of her and how much he digs her. Which was nice. Darrah votes. Burton votes. Jon votes. Tijuana votes for Lill, saying that she's not sure Sandra had a strategy as much as she stumbled into the right alliance. She thinks Lill did a good job recovering from the Outcast issue, and playing as well as she could under the circumstances.

Jeff takes off to tally the votes. Of course, when he returns, he says that they will have to wait for the results until later, because there will be no vote-reading tonight. Jeff takes off on his jet ski with the voting urn. I love that part. That's totally how he's getting to Hollywood, where the party is.

Cut to the party in Hollywood, where Jeff is in a different shirt, arriving with the urn. The contestants are seated on the stage. He grins at them broadly. "Who'd have ever thought, Mrs. As-Long-As-It-Ain't-Me and Mrs. I'm-Too-Nice, sittin' in the final two," he says to Sandra and Lill. Hee. He reminds them that winner gets a million bucks and a GMC Envoy. He starts reading votes. After one for each of them, it turns into a landslide -- it's six to one, in favor of Sandra. Yeah, Sandra! Wooooo!

Seriously, that is the first really satisfying damn ending they've had on this show in quite a while, if you think about it. I may have thought the jury was too hard on Lill -- I did think that -- but I sure as hell didn't want her to win the money, bleh. I like Sandra all right, as it turned out, and I liked her strategy, and it's nice to be able to say that about someone who won, for once.

Hugs all around! Even for Lill! The return of the non-jury contestants! It's reunion time, folks, so tune in soon for the tales of Jonny Fairplay's non-dead grandma, Jeff Probst busting on some people, Lill getting a hint of what might have been, and much more Rupert than is necessary.

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