Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Under the shelter, Jon asks the women whether they have a deal for the final three. "You can be honest," he says. They say nothing. "I take that as a yes," he says. He interviews: "It seems fairly obvious that the three of them have formed some kind of a bond, because all three of them have inferiority complexes to that of a man." Oh, come on. That's just insulting. No, no, not the misogynistic bullshit is insulting -- the fact that he thinks the audience is going to bite on the misogynistic bullshit is insulting. There is such a thing as being so over-the-top that you're not even able to inspire genuine anger anymore. I mean, Jon has done some fairly audacious things, but the problem for his planned glory is that he's...not interesting. No matter how much they play him up and he gives himself monikers and makes hand gestures and they declare that he's one of the most riveting blah blah blah ever, I mean...he just doesn't have any style. He isn't witty, or deliciously bad, or anything of that sort. He just comes out and says, "Dude, women suck! I hate chicks! They're inferior to men!" He doesn't have delivery, he doesn't have character, he's just...he's so obviously just saying things to be shocking and to be a Big Famous Villain™ that he's not even fun. He's just kind of an ordinary barroom jackass of the kind you can find anywhere. His routine isn't offensive to me as much as it is incredibly weak and tired. Good villains are people you can't take your eyes off. Richard Hatch. Team Guido. Evil Doctor Will. Jon has nothing to do with those people. Jon is just an obnoxious, insecure prick. Those aren't exactly an endangered species, you know.

Jon tells Lill how angry he is that he now seems to be ahead of Sandra in the planned boot order, and Lill counters that her goal is not to finish third. Jon snots back that if Lill's in the final two, she's going to win: "You're going to pull hearts and flowers like you did this morning. That was just rehearsal for later." Jon further tells Lill that neither Sandra nor Darrah will take her to the finals if it comes to that, out of fear that she'll win. Lill turns to Darrah and asks if that's true. Now, asking that question in this setting is extraordinarily stupid, because Darrah isn't going to want to commit in front of everyone to which person she's going to take, even if she knows. Accordingly, Darrah is noncommittal: "If I do take you, I'm going to get my butt kicked." Jon nods emphatically as Lill asks Darrah whether that means she'll take Sandra. Darrah refuses to say what she plans to do. An unhappy Lill walks off to pout in the hammock, because no one will come and play imaginary tea party with her, and she wants the big slice of cake, and her toe hurts, and SHE'S TELLING! She voices over that no one appears to want to go to the jury with her, because they think she's too nice and will get all the votes. Under the shelter, meanwhile, Jon tells Darrah that he wants her to talk to Sandra about getting rid of Lill. Darrah interviews that she doesn't trust Jon, but that she does think her best bet final three is herself, Jon, and Sandra, so she's thinking she'll go along with it. Darrah and Sandra take a walk, and Darrah reports that Lill wants to win (the nutty old bat!), and somehow thinks they should take her to the end even though she knows darn well she'll beat anybody who takes her. Darrah is very resentful about this, for some reason. It's interesting; Darrah, at least, really does seem to believe that Lill would beat any of them in a final vote, and that it's so obvious that it's downright disingenuous of Lill not to admit her obvious advantage. Maybe Darrah wasn't there during all the open-mouthed kissing and other distasteful matters.

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