Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

The first question relates to what should be left out of a "fire triangle." Lill and Jon get it right, as does the jury. The next question asks what year Captain Morgan looted Panama. Mmm, Captain Morgan. Anyway, the jury, Sandra, and Darrah get it right. The next question asks the best way to avoid shark attacks, and it's kind of an unfair question, because the answer turns out to be "don't go in the water," which is like saying the best way to avoid skidding on ice in your car is to live in Africa. It's a bullshit answer, so only Jon gets it right, logically enough. The next question is about whether the Pacific is the largest ocean in the world. Everybody gets it right. (It is. Congratulations, you are as smart as Jon.) The next question is about port and starboard, and only the jury gets it right, which I find completely appalling, because I thought that was the one random boat fact that everyone knew, just from...I don't know, Gilligan's Island, even. Ah, well. So the jury is in the lead with four questions right, and if they get the next one, nobody will get immunity. The question is about what countries border Panama, and the jury and Lill get it right, meaning that the jury walks off with immunity. Apparently, Rupert has forgiven Burton now that he's been voted off (typical Rupert behavior, of course -- once he can look down on you again, all is forgiven), because they're all smacking fists after the challenge. Jon shakes his head. How could he have lost? Well, other than because he's stupid.

Jeff asks Jon about the impact of nobody's having immunity. Jon describes the impact as "about the same as if anyone had it, I think." Boy, there's an insightful statement. Are you sure he's not secretly a college professor? Jeff encourages the final four to talk about the letters from home. Lill starts crying -- duh -- and Rupert looks at her with a condescending smile, because it's the only smile he has. Lill blubbers about how many times she's already read over the letters. Looking for the really sad parts, probably, so she can cry more. Jeff asks Darrah what's going through her head, strategically. Darrah says she's taking things one day at a time and hoping for the best. Jeff asks Sandra what she's thinking as far as strategy, and she says that at this point, she just tries to hang around the shelter, because leaving causes people to stay behind and whisper about you. Heh. That's exactly why you never leave the break room at TWoP Towers. Jeff asks Lill whether she stays around the shelter, and Lill says that she leaves when she needs to, because she figures that if they're going to talk, they're going to talk. She says that everyone has already told her that they don't want to go to the final two with her, so she feels vulnerable. She tells Jeff that she can't do anything about being a hardworking person and a loyal friend, but that outside the game, she wouldn't like what the game has made her. Which I kind of don't get, if she's saying that she's still a good person and everything and can't help being a good person. Whatever. She's crazy.

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