Flames And Endurance

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Sandra Can Get Loud, Too

Jeff asks Darrah about being perceived as the biggest physical threat. She points out that it's kind of goofy to be the big physical threat when you're as wee as she is. She needs to be more perceptive about the competition in order to understand the question, of course. Jeff asks Jon where his mind is, and whether he's making the argument that he's the most unlikable person in the game. Jeff further asks Jon whether he worries about somebody like Lill booting him on the basis of her integrity rather than keeping him on the basis that he'd lose to her. Jon says he hopes that won't happen, adding, "I have not figured out how I can win over that jury yet." Notably, the jury smiles pretty obviously at this remark, so if she saw it, that might be what made Lill start to think Jon had more votes than it seemed like he should, based on his odious personality and stale stench.

Jon goes to vote. Lill votes for Darrah. "You're too strong a competitor. After you told me that you wouldn't take me to the final two after I saved you twice now, I have no choice." Huh? Shut up, Lill. ["Seriously. As much shit as she got for it later, Sandra is nowhere NEAR the coattail-rider Lill is. Considering how annoying she is, Lill sure has a gigantic sense of entitlement." -- Wing Chun] Sandra votes. Darrah votes for Lill, claiming that she's tired of hearing Lill whine that she won't get jury votes, when she knows she'll get them all. Oh, come on. If Darrah doesn't understand the jury's position regarding Lill any better than that, she's not very observant.

Jeff reads the votes. Darrah gets three to Lill's one. Snuff! Jeff refers to Darrah as "the biggest physical threat." Heh. He sends them back to camp. In her final words, Darrah says, "That suuuucked." Heh. She refers to herself as "about sixty pounds soaking wet," and I certainly hope that's not true. She also calls Lill and Jon "snakes," and lashes out at Lill for acting like she doesn't know how to play the game. "It's been a great experience and ah would do it all over again," Darrah says.

When we return from commercial, the final three talk about their sense that Darrah didn't know she was the one who was going. Sandra interviews that it just wasn't possible for them to keep Darrah around with her winning all those immunity challenges. Lill wants to know if she was a target, and Jon's response is, "According to D, you were." Lill says that she doesn't feel so bad, then. She interviews that Darrah was apparently trying to get rid of her, so she thinks it's better that things worked out the way they did. It's shocking that she wound up feeling like it was just as well she didn't get voted off, isn't it? Thunder and lightning crash.

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