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Previously on I Think She Likes Me...Heh-Heh: Aitu, led by non-geniuses Ozzy and J.P., decided that rather than wait around for Billy to lose them a challenge that would force them to boot him, they'd lose it on purpose and boot him. Yeah, that' him? Cristina initially resisted this Keystone Kopsian plan, but ultimately, she and Cecilia grabbed their plastic batons and went along. Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Yul made quick work of finding the immunity idol, using very similar information to the information Jonathan had the week before. Yul > Jonathan was not a surprise to anyone. At tribal council, before being subjected to the indignity of being booted, Billy welcomed further indignity by announcing that he was having a secret love affair of the mind with Candice, which appeared to be so secret that even Candice didn't know about it. In thirty seconds, Billy's departure thus went from a really dumb thing orchestrated by dorks to something that was maybe just as well for the sake of everyone's mental health, but was still orchestrated by dorks. Because a dork is a dork, of course, of course.

Credits. It disappoints me that J.P. is so intensely unlikable, considering that he is so purty.

We arrive at Aitu, where it is Night 6 after tribal council, and everyone is still coming down from Billy's mysterious behavior and subsequent eviction. Cecilia says that she still can't believe the whole "love at first sight" thing. Cristina tries halfheartedly to defend Billy, saying, "Maybe he really has a crush on her." It occurs to me here that they aren't entirely talking about whether Billy is crazy; they're wondering if Billy was bullshitting. I certainly would like to think so. In this same vein, Cristina goes in an unexpected direction by wondering if Candice is "playing him." It's so funny, because you realize that this entire development is so completely out of left field to these people that they don't know what to think is going on. They kind of think it's bullshit, and they kind of think it's an unsound mind, but they can't help assuming that there has to be more to it than they know about. Because it seems impossible that he could entirely dream it up out of his head if he had never had any contact with Candice outside of standing next to her at a challenge. They're wrong, of course, which is the sickly amusing part. J.P. says he thinks Candice's reaction is going to be, "Who?" He's a dick, but he's kind of dead-on in these limited circumstances. J.P. goes on to say that he "studied" Billy and his behavior around camp, and he just doesn't like it. I bet that was one academically rigorous course that went like this: "Whatever." In an interview, J.P. says that everything Billy said at tribal council was "just ridiculous." He covers his ass with both hands by saying, of the Candice thing, "If it's true, it's true,'s not true."

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