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My Alliance-Mate Flicka

Meanwhile, Cecilia and JessiFlicka are also talking, and JessiFlicka is saying that Jonathan is mad at her for refusing to commit to being in his alliance. "I don't want to be wishy-washy," JessiFlicka whines in a manner that is exactly wishy-washy. Cecilia tells her to "go with [her] gut." Jonathan tells Yul that they need to work on Cao Boi and/or Flicka, and that it's a risk, because if it doesn't work, then they're going to expose their alliance very early. Basically, in terms of the task of doing the convincing, Flicka is assigned to Jonathan, and Cao Boi is assigned to Yul.

Jonathan tells JessiFlicka that he just wants to make it to the merge, and he reminds her that they're eventually going to have to get rid of everyone they like. She says "it's not about that." She says "it's about having trust in the people you have a connection with." Well...for what purpose? I don't always know what these people mean, because in talking about "connection," JessiFlicka seems to be talking about real trust, while all you need in the game is...well, "game trust," I guess, meaning you only have to believe that you can predict what people are going to do. All that really requires is that you figure out whether what they're saying they're going to do is in their best interests, because if it is, they'll probably do it, and if it isn't, they won't. That's why seeing things from multiple perspectives is so useful in Survivor, and in a weird way, empathy is useful. It's a weird empathy that is had by borderline psychos like Richard Hatch, but it's the ability to recognize how other people will be affected by their petty grievances, partly. It has nothing to do with trust in the "I trust you to watch my wallet" sense -- that kind of trust is about trusting people's morality. What you need in the game isn't trust so much as predictability.

Elsewhere, Cao Boi is telling Yul that the vote against Becky is about "fairness," because she's "the weak link." Yul says he doesn't agree that Becky is weak in challenges. "She is," Cao Boi insists. "She's the princess out here." Huh? Yul says he thinks that Becky has actually been "strong and decisive on the challenges." Frankly, all the women took a powder on this challenge so early that I don't know how you'd distinguish between them, and Puka won both of the challenges before this, so how would Cao Boi be concluding that Becky is a weak link? What is that based on? Yul argues that, in fact, Cecilia is weak in challenges. Yul is on to something here, which is that he's making the argument from inside the construct Cao Boi is using. Instead of trying to get Cao Boi to vote a different way, which is what Jonathan is doing with the "don't vote based on the person you like" discussion, Yul is telling Cao Boi how he can stick with the voting theory he's using and still vote the way Yul wants him to. It strikes me on some level that Yul just doesn't have quite the head for this game that I wish he did, although he's a super-interesting guy who I like a lot, but at least here, I think he has the right idea.

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