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My Alliance-Mate Flicka

Meanwhile, Jonathan changes to vague but friendly threats, telling JessiFlicka that in the event that he and Yul can flip a couple of other people and JessiFlicka winds up in the minority, then she'll be "on the outside."

Back to Yul, using another good tactic on Cao Boi by only asking for what he needs right now -- he says that once they vote off Cecilia, they'll be up in numbers enough that they can drop Becky later if they need to. It's true, too, because theoretically, they'd have Candice back, so then they'd potentially have Yul, Cao Boi, Jonathan, Flicka, Candice, and Becky, allowing them to get rid of Becky if Cao Boi really wants to and still keep the majority. Not that Yul would ever go along with this, but there's no point in not leaving it open if you think it will help.

Jonathan works on JessiFlicka by insisting that she needs to think past "current weak link." She just says she's not thinking ahead right now. And: apparently not. Jonathan compares it to chess, telling her that she really needs to be thinking a little bit longer-term. As much as I don't like the lecturing and I'm bored to death with chess analogies, Jonathan really is kind of right about that part. JessiFlicka makes inscrutable "hmm" noises that come from her tattoos. She tells Jonathan that she has to think about it more. Incidentally, this is very, very dangerous, this line-walking thing she's doing. That's how you make yourself the very first target in whatever alliance you eventually wind up going with.

Cao Boi, on the other hand, shakes Yul's hand, and while it doesn't seem as though they necessarily have a deal, Cao Boi basically says he's happy to listen to whatever Yul has to say. That conversation seemed surprisingly elevated, as far as just showing those two guys having a civil discussion about what to do, rather than just freaking out and yelling at each other. Good show, fellas. Cao Boi interviews, though, that he doesn't like scheming. Apparently, the fact that a lot of these people are not fans of the show has transported us back to the first season, where it wasn't universally agreed upon that planned voting was even appropriate -- you'll recall that some people believed that alliances were basically dirty play, a theory you just about never hear anymore.

Now, Cao Boi and JessiFlicka have a discussion, which I think is actually the "you're not Asian" one from earlier, but I think this is where it happens, chronologically. The two of them agree that they don't trust Jonathan. "He's manip-alative," Cao Boi says.

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