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My Alliance-Mate Flicka

Jeff asks Yul to "assess" the tribe at this point. Yul says that he thinks some people really want the victory, and some people really want the experience. Jeff says to Jonathan that neither of those is really wrong, and Jonathan agrees. He points out, though, that even if you're there for the experience, you're still voting. So you're in the game, whether you want to be or not. On the flip side, people who are strategizing are still having the experience. Jeff asks Flicka, "Eight days in, is this game already more complicated than you anticipated?" She's kind of a sitting duck for that question, with her hair particularly spazzed out this evening and looking like converting oxygen to carbon dioxide is more complicated than she anticipated. She says that she gets tied up in "where people's intentions are." She can't figure out if people are telling her things to get them on her side, or "to be nice." I think she just wasn't made for this game, I have to say. "People might be trying to get my vote!"

Asked how the tribe will be different after tonight, Ozzy answers how he will be different, saying he'll know where people's loyalties lie. Jeff reminds everyone that the immunity idol could theoretically be with Yul or Jonathan, and that won't come up unless one of them gets votes.

Time to vote. Yul votes for Cecilia, saying he's sorry, but it was her or Becky. Cecilia votes for Becky, saying that it's not personal, but that she thinks this is "better for the tribe." Sundra votes for Becky. Becky votes for Cecilia, saying that it's not personal. Ozzy votes for Becky, bitching that it's because she never talked to him. Is it really necessary to make it sound like you would vote for that stupid a reason when you undoubtedly didn't? It's not like he won't be legitimately childish and petulant later; there's no point in doing it when it doesn't even count. Cao Boi votes. Jonathan votes for Cecilia, calling her a "very classy lady." Just like Fran Dresch-- never mind. Flicka votes.

Jeff comes back to read the votes. First vote: Cecilia. Second: Becky. Then Becky. Then Cecilia. Then Cecilia. Then Becky. Three to three. Then Cecilia. So that fourth vote for Cecilia has to be a problem for Ozzy, because clearly, he didn't get the five votes he thought he had. But they don't show him quite yet. Then...Cecilia again, so that's that. That's a bummer. I did like her. I am gratified by Ozzy's disgusted expression. Man, I hope he's next. Better hurry! Can't have him around all angry like that! When Cecilia has gone, Jeff says it's clear that the tribe is divided, and he insists that it's "risky" for them all to be split up. I'm not sure I agree. But at any rate, they leave to return to camp.

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