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My Alliance-Mate Flicka

Aitu, Day 7. The music is ominous as Jonathan splits bamboo with a machete. I wonder what that means. I'll bet it stands for something. Violence, maybe. Or else Jonathan's just acting. He goes and has a chat with Cao Boi. Elsewhere, Becky opens a discussion with Candice about whether she trusts Jonathan. Candice says that she does, and Becky adds that she completely trusts Yul. It turns out that the two women are having the same thought -- an alliance between the two of them, Jonathan, and Yul, and then some fifth person to be named later. So then Becky talks directly to Jonathan, and they're both totally jazzed about this alliance idea. I don't know how that came together, but it seemed to materialize immediately. It's interesting, considering that, back in the day, Jonathan stole a chicken from Yul. Who knew they'd end up friends? Just another way that reality television brings people together long enough to use each other to win money. Becky thinks Flicka would be a good fifth. Jonathan assures her that getting Flicka on their team is absolutely, positively no problem whatsoever. He says he can tell Flicka that the real alliance is the two of them and Candice, and they're just dealing with Yul and Becky on the side for numbers. That's pretty good planning, in the sense that he's thinking as far as telling Flicka not only that it's an F5 alliance, but that it's an inside F3 alliance, which is what you want out of your F5 alliance, if you see what I mean.

Jonathan goes to talk to JessiFlicka about the plan to align with "a couple of the Asians." Yipes. It's completely truthful, and yet it sounds kind of bad. Welcome to Our Uncomfortable National Relationship With Race. Jonathan tells JessiFlicka that this will make for a "good strong five." He adds that if anybody else approaches her, JessiFlicka should say she's not even thinking alliances. She comes back by uncomfortably stressing to Jonathan that she isn't thinking alliances, which isn't quite what Jonathan wants to hear, to say the least. He says that's okay -- he's thinking about it so she doesn't have to. Uch. "Stay with me and Candice," he tells her. JessiFlicka looks dubious, although she might be seeing her own hair wads out of the corner of her eye. She tells us that she isn't comfortable staying with Candice and Jonathan, because she wasn't that comfortable there to begin with. And of course, for those of you who thought the "social experiment" aspect was interesting, it's fair to wonder whether -- though not to conclude that -- JessiFlicka's actual issue here is that she doesn't like the "stay with the white people you know!" part of what Jonathan is telling her. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that's part of her deal, nor would I entirely blame her for the instinct, which could potentially feel unpleasant. She tells us that she's "not really thinking about alliances," adding, "I'm here to make friends and see what happens." Bleh. She says that she wants to last as long in the game as possible without "feeling fake." I think she showed up for the wrong game. Scattergories With Bill Moyers is down the hall.

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