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My Alliance-Mate Flicka

Now, Yul and Becky have a talk about their developing alliance. Becky talks about how she and Jonathan came up with Flicka for a fifth, and then they were choosing between booting Ozzy and Cecilia. You'll note that this nine-person tribe is made up of three Raro Members, three Puka members, two Aitu members, and one Hiki member, because as it happens, the same tribe that had an "extra" Hiki female got the only Hiki male. So the other former tribes are reasonably evenly split, but Hiki is mostly over on the other tribe, which is made up of two Raro, two Puka, two Aitu, and three Hiki. It's interesting that Hiki, which is one of two tribes that went into the merge down a person, wound up with a majority on one of the two resulting tribes. I love math! Anyway, Becky tells Yul that it might make sense to go after Ozzy or Cecilia in case the two of them already have an alliance. It makes a certain amount of sense -- if you take one of them out, then you could have everyone aligned against Ozzy and Sundra for the moment, assuming we're thinking old tribes have some meaning. Yul now says that he needs to tell Becky something, because he wants to be honest with her and so forth. And what does he have to say? He wants to tell her that he found the immunity idol. Becky draws in her breath. "That's so awesome," she says. He also tells her that if he's in a situation where he needs to use the idol to save Becky, he will. She says she trusts him. Yul -- who I have a feeling has a big speech about integrity lingering right at the back of his throat that I do not want to hear -- tells us that he feels like his bond with Becky is strong, and that it's a big advantage to have someone you can totally trust. She tells Yul she won't tell anyone, and then they have a little hug. Hugs!

At Raro, it is Day 8, and Nate is taking a turn with the fishing spear. Much to what is clearly his own surprise, he encounters an octopus. He fails the first time he tries to spear it, but eventually, he's able to pin it against a rock. Not the fastest or most efficient octopus death I've ever seen, I must say. I think we need a consultation with PETO. He calls for help to Brad and J.P., who are standing on the shore, and they come over wrestle an octopus, basically. Nate, assisted in his development of drama by the incongruous caption "Shoe Salesman," says that he "felt like the mack," asking the octopus "Whadda you got now?" I'm not sure that kind of confrontational attitude is entirely required. Everything gets very sensual as Brad emerges with the octopus clinging to his body and J.P. tries to pry it off. Dirty! All Nate can do is cackle at his defeat of the octopus. Nate tells us that he's not sure the guys were necessarily thinking that he would be the big-game hunter. "We've got dinner, ladies," the men announce as they return to camp. "That's a lot of meat," Parvati says admiringly. And then she does her best eyelash-batting routine at Nate. "You could probably eat that whole thing yourself, huh?" Is that her flirting? I think even the octopus gets it, Parvati, and it's dead. And an octopus. Nate's all, "Probably," and then he waves the octopus at Parvati and she runs, because dead fishy things are so icky. Ew, icky! She's a girl! She hates icky things!

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