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And now, the tribes arrive at a beach where Jeff Probst awaits, along with the three-part immunity idol. Today, they will be playing the challenge from Palau where you run in circles in shallow water, and you try to catch up to the other team. You will recall that in spite of Ulong's buffness advantage, Koror stomped them in this challenge. Each team member here starts with a fifteen-pound bag of sand. Interesting note: Palau's sandbags were twenty pounds, meaning not only that each person carried five more back then, but also once you took someone's bag, you were carrying forty rather than thirty, and so forth from there. That's how Bobby Jon wound up dragging eighty pounds of sand around in a circle. Also, in Palau, you just had to touch the other team. Here, you have to tackle them. That seems like an unnecessary change to me.

The challenge starts. And after a short -- like, very short -- time, Cecilia, Sundra, Candice, and Becky -- four of the five women on Aitu -- drop out of the challenge. It might be time-compressed, but Probst agrees to announce it with a particular cadence suggesting it really did kind of happen all at once. So each of the men is now carrying thirty pounds of sand. At Raro, Stephannie drops out, and Brad takes her bag. Nate promises Raro that the Aitu guys are all going to get weak carrying so much weight. Cristina drops out, and Adam takes her bag. Jenny drops out for Raro as well. Flicka gives her bag to Jonathan, leaving no women on Aitu and Jonathan carrying forty-five pounds of sand. Parvati drops out for Raro. One woman left -- and that would be Rebecca. So now, Aitu's weight is divided among the four varying-in-buffness guys, and Raro's is divided among the four very buff guys plus Rebecca. Jonathan shares a bag of sand with Ozzy. Raro begins to close the distance and approach Aitu from the rear. (Hee.) Yul looks back at Raro as he holds Cao Boi's arm supportively. Yul, I think, realizes at this point that they're not going to outrun the other team, and he's trying to figure out what to do. Finally, Rebecca quits. At least she tried, which I appreciate, considering how pitiful the rest of the women looked in this challenge. Every single one of them? Before one single guy went out? God. Finally, Yul -- kind of not getting the way this works at all -- says that they should just wrestle Aitu. I like the spirit, in the sense that it's something to do besides give up, but it makes no sense. What happens then? You fight them and then you run all the way around the circle? Can't just win the wrestling match, dude. But that's exactly what Yul tries to do. I will say this: Yul accomplishes one thing with this move that I really like, which is that he gets J.P. to, instead of dealing with Yul, go and grab skinny old Cao Boi, which kind of makes J.P. look like a puss, and I'm all in favor of that. Not only that, but after J.P already has Cao Boi down, he gives him an extra little...I don't know, it's like a "fuck you" squeeze, where he pushes him down extra-hard. It's really gratuitous, and in that sense, it's a little creepy. J.P. gives me a bad, bad vibe. But anyway, Raro wins immunity. Gee, Ozzy, what if you hadn't thrown the challenge last week, and Hiki had lost, and the women had booted Nate? How might things look different right now? It's at least interesting to contemplate, I think.

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