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Wine, Women, And Intestinal Problems

Asked to make the loser's choice between rice and beans, La Mina chooses to keep the beans. Asked to make the winner's choice to send someone to Exile Island, Casaya chooses Terry. This isn't as stupid as last week, because once you've picked someone, it makes sense to pick the same person, because it reduces the unpredictability of who might have the individual immunity idol, and it minimizes the information gap between what you know and what other people know. On the other hand, Casaya never should have picked Terry in the first place, as previously explained, and those reasons are only magnified by being sort of compelled to send him again. Terry hops on the boat to exile, not to return until immunity time. I think if they send him there enough times, it will turn out like Gilligan's Island, and he'll have a hut and a radio and he'll be putting on an all-singing, all-dancing revue complete with costumes. Casaya grabs its reward, which I'm not sure is the best reward of all time unless you can figure out how to cook all the fish before they rot. They leave.

When we return, we are accompanying Casaya back to its camp, where it turns out there has been rain while they were gone. Lots of rain. In fact, the place is flooded, and their wood is all sopping, and their fire pit is soaked, and all that good stuff. They're mid-shin-deep in water, so they're not just idly complaining, either, not that they wouldn't. As Cirie explains, they have a lot of food, but they can't cook anything, because everything is wet, so they have no fire. Nevertheless, Bruce starts cutting the fish into fillets. They decide that they'll just eat the fish raw. "Like sushi," Shane says. I don't know if I'd do that without knowing what kinds of parasites the fish might have. Not all fish is sushi, you know? Aras repeats with his usual smirk that they're treating it as sushi. Cirie shares some of my doubts, and asks whether it's really okay to eat the fish like that. She interviews that she's never had raw fish, and she doesn't want to wake up sick tomorrow. She's also standing in a foot or so of swampy water when she says this, so if any parasites have an eye on Cirie, they're going to have an easy time getting to her today. She takes some crap from her tribe about not having ever eaten sushi, people from California are so worldly, nyuk nyuk nyuk. Aras talks about being happy that his tribe won, and he insists that in spite of their troubles, they're "bonding in [their] weird, Casaya, strange-fish way." Well, he should have said something. I didn't realize they were bonding in the strange-fish way, or I would have stood back. It appears that Shane closes this scene by gnawing on a fish carcass, which seems biologically hazardous almost to the degree to which it is karmically satisfying.

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