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Wine, Women, And Intestinal Problems

We then move to La Mina, still on Day 12, where they are inaugurating their bean supply and have already cooked more than they should have. It's not surprising that you might do that, but it's unfortunate. Austin reminds us in an interview that his pitiful tribe lost again. Back at camp, we see Austin go back for seconds on the beans. The combination of extreme hunger and having made too much seems to have conspired to interfere with people's judgment about how much they should eat, considering that they've barely put anything in their stomachs for twelve days. I don't want to say that what happens here is entirely predictable, but it sort of is. Austin does say that they're "absolutely jubilant" about the food. Well, for the moment, they are. Jubilation over food can be transient.

Very quickly, however, we see Austin and Nick reclined together in the shelter, where they're talking about how they started to feel sick almost as soon as they stopped eating. Sally comes by and asks how they're doing, and Austin gives a very heartfelt "Not so hot." He interviews that his body just did not respond well to the introduction of beans. He claims that he and Nick are "experiencing a little bit of nausea." Welcome to Understatement Theater. The boys loll around the shelter and talk about the reasons they're not feeling well, which is not what I'd want to be doing. Believe it or not, there are a few things I don't think require obsessively detailed analysis. Austin also announces that he thinks he's going to throw up, telling Dan as he wanders off that he wants to be rid of the bad feeling in his stomach. Inside his head, Dan is thinking, "Whatever, sissy. It beats Tang and freeze-dried fettucine Alfredo."

And then, it is that night. Austin returns to the shelter from some sort of intestinal distress call, and he says that he had been feeling better, but now his stomach is making noises again. Nick gets up to leave on his own errand of the same sort. And then Austin has to go again. There is some talk that they probably didn't cook the beans enough, which might have made them harder to handle. I don't actually know, but I'd buy that. When Nick returns, Sally and Dan ask him how he is, and he says, "You guys do not want to know the details of that excursion." Heh. Not satisfied, Dan asks, "You got both ends going?" Nick confirms that he does. Thanks for that, Dan. Every event needs a color man. Or is that play-by-play? Anyway. "That stuff just wrecked me," Nick comments. Austin returns, but says he'll probably have to go again in five minutes. Nick reveals to Austin that he threw up in addition know. Not being a gentleman. Austin seems not to have taken the vomiting route, but he clearly ponders it as a possible strategy. Nick says in night vision, "The gastrointestinal details probably should not be discussed at this time." Aw. And then Nick and Austin both leave again. That's going to be a long night for them.

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