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Upolu. Coach is feeling great. They have tons of food, thanks to their Challenge win, and Coach has the Idol. He interviews that Sophie and Albert know about the Idol, but he doesn't want to tell Brandon, because he's a "loose cannon." That's reality-speak for "crazy person." Coach admits that he struggles with keeping it a secret from Brandon, because he knows Brandon will feel betrayed when he does eventually find out. But that's a long ways away, right Coach? Let's all just eat some fried potatoes (which actually look quite good) and be happy!

While everyone eats, Brandon is worried about finding the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol, so he starts looking. And he finds it in like five seconds! I bet he finds the Idol next... oh, wait. He immediately goes and tells Coach and Albert, who have to pretend like they're surprised. They all chalk it up to Brandon being a Hantz and not the producers being idiots. I mean, seriously. How many times does someone have to find an Idol with no clues before they start hiding them better? Why not just leave the Idol in the camp, next to the fire, and whoever wakes up first in the morning gets it? Anyway, Coach and Albert have to pretend to join Brandon in looking for the Idol. Man, is Brandon going to feel dumb when he watches this episode at home. They are really making him look like (more of) a maroon. Coach interviews that he promised Brandon that they would play the game like "good Christian men" (what does religion have to do with this show, I ask you?) but Coach isn't sure if withholding information is the same as lying. I'll solve that for you, Coach. It is. It's a lie of omission. I so prefer the people who play this game and just lie to your face and don't pretend to be anything that they're not to the ones that are all, "I'm a good person! I didn't lie! I just didn't tell you! But I was protecting you!" Ugh. Thanks, DAD.

Anyway, Brandon's climbing trees and Coach is laughing about how much Brandon looks like Russell, especially when he walks down the beach in a determined fashion. Coach imitates him, and it does look like Russell. Once Brandon is up a tree or in a cave or something, Albert advises Coach not to tell Brandon about the Idol right now, because he's really emotional and might fly off the handle. Here's a great piece of editing: Albert interviews that Brandon's not that smart, but eventually he might realize that someone already has the Idol. Cut to Brandon asking Coach and Albert if they think someone already has it. Coach responds, "I don't think so." Cut to Coach interviewing that he wants to play this game "completely honorably" but says that, because Brandon reminds him of Russell, he can't. Or something? Coach's rationalization makes no sense whatsoever. This isn't going to end well. Unless they tell Brandon that they have the Idol and then give it to him. That's the only possible way that Brandon won't go nutso. Also, Coach, Mr. "Grey Area", just told an outright lie when asked a direct question, right?

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