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Loyal Women

Redemption Island Challenge. Christine vs. Elyse. Sophie and Rick (the guy with the moustache and the cowboy hat) are there to witness for Upolu and Ozzy and Keith are there for Savaii. Why does Ozzy always get to go? When Probst asks, Elyse admits that she wishes her former tribemates were rooting for her in this challenge, but she also knows that some of them voted her out, so why would they want her to win and possibly come back? Christine gets emotional when talking about how she's now had more days on Redemption Island than in the game, and how difficult it's been for her.

Probst is like, "Okay, then. Let's do another Challenge!" No follow-up, Probst? Why is it difficult? Is she bitter? Anyway, the challenge is like shuffleboard. Each contestant starts with four pucks on the board. They take turns sliding pucks down the board to knock each other out. The last person to have a puck on the board wins. Not exactly the most thrilling challenge, but they can't all be winners, I guess. Rather than go shot-by-shot (because it was boring to watch, but at least they had interesting background music, and it would be REALLY boring to read), I'll just give you an overview. It starts out bland, with no moves being made, but then they get the hang of it and start knocking pucks off. Except then Elyse knocks one of her own off, leaving herself with just one on the board. Christine chokes and ends up letting Elyse tie it back up. So they each have one puck on the board, and... Christine wins her fourth duel and Elyse goes home. One noteworthy event: Rick tried to cheer Christine on, and Christine did the old "pretend to scratch your nose but really flip the person off" move, so there's no love lost between Christine and her former tribe. Elyse's final words are about how strong she is, but she's going home so... Anyway, Christine goes back to Redemption Island and the witnesses go back to their tribes. Rick is worried about Christine's attitude, and interviews that if she gets to come back, she will immediately flip and try to take out her former tribe.

After witnessing the Duel, Sophie and Rick discuss how terrible it would be for them if Christine comes back, and how she would never be a real member of their tribe again. I feel like that's a setup for future events (no spoiler) because it doesn't seem to fit in with this week's episode. I don't know that for sure, but this scene did kind of stick out since it wasn't tied into either the "Ozzy is a baby" or "Coach is lying to Brandon" storylines they've got going this week.

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