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Loyal Women

Finally both tribes are slinging coconuts: Albert, Coach, and Mikayla for Upolu and Jim, Keith, and Whitney for Savaii. The first few shots for both tribes are duds, because you have to figure out how far back to pull the slingshot and what trajectory to aim it at, but they get it pretty quickly. Albert gets the first target down for Upolu. Mikayla is doing a weird one-handed technique and she's not taking down any targets, but she's coming as close as anyone else. Coach immediately decides that Mikayla isn't contributing, so he tries to get her to "rest for a while" but she's like, "I'm not tired." After her next attempt, Coach asks if she wants to just sit out, and she says no. Look, all he had to say was, "Albert is the only one hitting targets. Why don't we BOTH let him do this?" Because Coach hasn't hit any targets and he's not coming any closer than Mikayla is. If I were Mikayla, I wouldn't want to sit out either. That's just giving your tribe a reason to vote you out, and she knows she's on the chopping block.

So anyway, Albert keeps hitting targets, but meanwhile Savaii is catching up, knocking down targets like crazy. It should also be noted that the targets are varying distances from the slingshot, so not being able to launch them super far doesn't necessarily mean that you're not going to be able to contribute. Jim knocks down the last target and Savaii wins immunity. I don't know that Whitney got any targets. I wonder if she voluntarily sat out? It was difficult to tell with the editing.

Savaii heads off to enjoy their picnic and immunity while Upolu sulks. Coach interviews that Mikayla wouldn't listen to his coaching in the heat of battle. Maybe because he's crazy? And probably a little sexist? Anyway, Coach wants Mikayla to leave. Let's see how that goes.

So post-win, Savaii is all happy and friendly and working together. They do a little cheer and talk about how they have learned to stick together because they were behind but came back and won. So they're having a big picnic near a waterfall and the food looks really good, to be honest. Big sandwiches and real glasses to drink from. After eating, they all start leaping from the cliffs into the water. Well, except Cochran, who admits that he's "not a water person." Then they all start sliding down rocks into the water which actually looks kind of painful on your bum area. But it also looks crazy fun, and Cochran gives it a try. They are just whooping it up on Savaii.

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