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Loyal Women

So how are things over on Upolu. Their postmortem involves Rick and Brandon saying that they win as a team and they lose as a team, and they don't want to point fingers. Coach pretends that he agrees, but then interviews that they all know they're going to vote off either Mikayla or Edna, and Mikayla is the one who "doesn't follow orders." Gross.

Albert and Mikayla try to start a fire and talk strategy. Albert tells Mikayla that he's going to battle for her, since Coach and Brandon want her gone. Mikayla interviews that her tribemates claim to be all about the strength of the tribe, and thus it makes no sense that they would want to get rid of her and keep someone who's "half [her] size and almost double [her] age." Mikayla is 22 and Edna is 35. Wow, I totally thought Edna was in her 20s. Still, that's a big of an exaggeration. Then again, Edna is useless.

Albert pulls Rick and Sophie aside and tells them that he knows they've talked about Edna being the sixth member of their alliance, but she's useless in challenges, so useless that they had her sit out the challenge today. It's true: even if you buy Coach's line that Mikayla failed in the challenge, at least she competed. And she's done great at some previous challenges. Albert interviews that he's concerned that Edna is sharp and smart and he tells the others that, come the merge, Edna's going to know she's the sixth person in the alliance and might be desperate enough to make a move against them and join the opposition. Albert is smart. Rick agrees with that assessment and Sophie does too, but points out that they need to now convince Brandon and Coach.

Sophie and Albert try Brandon first. Albert talks about how the alliance of five people kind of happened organically but then Edna was brought in artificially (I don't know what he's talking about other than maybe saying that Coach thrust Edna into the alliance whereas the first was more of a group decision). Brandon totally agrees, plus he thinks Edna is sneaky and scheming. He stops just short of saying, "Look, I mean, she is Asian." Except he would probably say Oriental. Or something even more offensive. So suddenly Brandon, who hated Mikayla the temptress, is perhaps willing to vote Edna out. But then, Brandon spouts spouting some of his religious stuff, and said that he has to stick to his word, and his word was that he wouldn't vote any of the original alliance out if there were non-alliance members available to dispatch. Sophie interviews that Brandon actually likes Mikayla more now and doesn't consider her "the whore of the tribe" (Sophie flaps her hands around here to indicate that she doesn't think Mikayla's a whore), but still won't keep her around over Edna, and he's nuts. You're just figuring that out, Sophie?

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