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Loyal Women

Talk then moves to the merge. They're all pretty certain it happens after the next Challenge, though I'm not sure why. Brandon says that they have to be up in numbers at the merge, so the next Challenge is "detrimental to the way the game turns out." Oh, Brandon. Stick to two-syllable words, dude. Although, maybe God spoke to him and told him they were going to lose the next challenge. Probst nails the problem the tribe is having when he asks if they should keep the person who might help them win challenges, or the person who will be unquestionably loyal after the merge. Brandon says that numbers don't matter if a few people turn on the group after the merge. That's the only smart thing Brandon's said all season. But couldn't they buy Mikayla's loyalty by letting her stay this week. Like go to her and say, "We were going to vote you out, because we think Edna is more loyal. So if we keep you, do you promise to stick with the group after the merge?" It's a gamble, but it's worth a shot. Albert thinks they may need the people who will get them to the merge or it won't matter, and Sophie agrees. She correctly points out that a small loyal group will still get picked off by the other tribe. Brandon is rolling his eye the whole time Albert and Sophie speak.

Probst points out that they sound like a divided tribe. Coach says that his motto is Honor, Loyalty, Integrity. Albert says that you can fake loyalty, but you can't fake strength. Good point, Albert. Brandon raises his hand and says that they all made a pact to have six people, and everyone should stick to their word, because that's not loyalty. Brandon asks them to vote him out if they're "going to play disloyal." Probst's eyes pop wide open. Brandon thinks character is more important than the money. Does he understand that this is a game show? I don't think he does. He is in for a rude awakening because he's going to have to break up the pact at some point. I mean, you don't get to take six people to the finals. Mikayla thinks Brandon has always had a problem with her, but Brandon says that he likes Mikayla now, and would actually like to keep her around, except he gave his word to keep Edna and he's going to stick to his word.

Probst brings up that Brandon asked to leave if they won't be loyal, and asks Coach to tell Brandon the downside of telling someone you're going to vote them out before the vote happens. Here's what Coach should say: "Because that person can start scrambling and potentially change the vote, so it's better to blindside people and take away that opportunity." Instead, Coach gives a self-serving speech about how sometimes you have to withhold information for a time (like having the Idol) but that's not lying. Brandon retorts that you're either lying, or you're not, and there are no grey areas. Good luck living with that philosophy, Brandon. In this game and in the real world. Coach has got to be like, "This Idol situation is going to bite me in the ass I know it."

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