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Loyal Women

Time to vote. Mikayla votes out Edna and says she's not sure how Edna got this far. Albert votes out Edna and says that if Edna stays, they're in big trouble and he hopes Rick does the right thing. Edna votes out Mikayla and says that she hopes her time here has helped her future modeling career. Was that a dig? I think that might have been a dig. But it may have been sincere. That Edna is a tough nut to crack. The other votes are cast as well.

Probst reads the votes and, as expected, it's a three to three tie until the last vote is read. And Rick voted for... Mikayla. So he sided with Coach and Brandon and now Albert and Sophie (my favorites) are screwed. Or not -- this game still surprises me from time to time. Especially once Brandon finds out about Coach's Idol.

In the tag, Mikayla heads to Redemption Island. She blames Brandon for her ouster, when it should really be Coach. I can only hope that Mikayla comes back, teams up with Edna and Sophie, and gets rid of Coach. That would be awesome.

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