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Rodger and Tina check for a clue and Tina's excited that it's "colorful mail." They receive two brightly painted boomerangs with clues written on them. Ding! Ding! Ding! Finally, someone has come up with a challenge that actually has something to do with the locale and doesn't have the competitors playing Kick the Can or Hula Hooping. The clue is about "catch[ing] the return" and suggests that breakfast is the reward. Rodger tells the others that his momma always said they'd have to throw it and catch it "without gettin' hooked in the teeth." The S9 snicker and look disbelieving as they determine they're supposed to compete in a challenge that might actually require a useful skill-set. But we should all know by now that the clue has actual little to do with the challenge.

There's a big bulls-eye on the beach, but it doesn't much resemble the Target symbol. Peachy stands before the survivors with his legs spread, and tells them the challenge is "Boomerang Toss." Each of the S9 will stand in the center of the circle and whoever's boomerang comes closest to the red flag, which is also in the center of the circle, wins the award. He has Jerri read what they're playing for -- a menu -- which includes shrimp, chickens, rolls and "dessert du jour." She yells, "It's a full meal!" I'm pretty sure they got to practice before their first throw since all of the S9 manage to make their boomerangs arc and my family used to have a boomerang, and we could never figure out how to throw the damn thing properly. Then again, ours was made of wood while these appear to be plastic. Alicia goes first looking very buff and tough. Her boomerang doesn't land anywhere near the bulls-eye, and for some reason Peachy announces that it's going to be "hard to beat." Colby's boomerang almost hits Keith. No one really has a notable throw until Jerri, whose boomerang lands on the edge of the second innermost ring. She immediately falls on her knees and starts chanting, "All your base are belong to us," as Satan exits her body. After all, the boomerang is the Devil's toy. She then starts rubbing the imminent victory in to her tribe members, saying she's excited to get "supper." Maybe Alonzo Wilder will stop by and join her, and Pa will tell them about the time Grandpa got whipped for sledding on the Sabbath. Peachy announces that it's "Southpaw time" when Nick approaches the circle. I knew I liked him for a reason. His throw is good, but it doesn't beat Jerri's. Rodger's throw is close and actually comes back through his legs; he has to dance around a bit to avoid being hit and says, "I could run like the wind blows!" before determining that it's "close but no supper." My friends will vouch for me on this one: as Lamber approached the circle and stared at the flag, as if that was going to help her, I totally called that her throw would land an inch behind Jerri's. And that's exactly what it does. Even Lamber's boomerang doesn't have a mind of its own. Lamber just stands there blandly and looks back at Peachy, hoping he'll declare Jerri the winner because Lamber has no idea what to do if she can't tag after someone else.

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