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Lamber and Jerri return to camp and everyone ignores them. Instead of bringing the tribe back some food, they bring boomerangs. They can buy those for themselves at the airport gift shop! Lamber tells us in a confessional that no one "even turned around to look at [them]" and that she didn't like it. Because she's used to being looked at. Tina asks what kind of dessert they had and Lamber won't say in an ill-guided attempt to not piss the others off. I'd be pissed if someone couldn't trust me to hear what they had for dessert without getting made over it. Tina snarks, "We had a great time. Don't you feel bad at all." Tina, with all the dissing this episode!

Jerri follows Colby down to the beach and expresses her concern that Tina and Keith will gather Kuchas and come after their alliance. Jerri says, "It's not good for us to just assume that we can trust her." In what I think is a very old confessional, Jerri says that Colby is middle ground and that he's not letting on what his plans are. Jerri then whisperingly suggests that Colby lead Keith and Tina to believe that they and Colby will be the final three. Colby tells her that Keith and Tina have thought that since before the merge and that it's been his "bargaining chip." In a confessional, he tells us that Jerri thinks it's just a ploy, but that he really is planning to get to the final three with Keith and Tina. We then see Colby reassure Jerri that they "still have complete control of this thing." Colby then tells us in a confessional that Jerri doesn't "deserve to win this thing" solely because of how badly she treats other people. As Jerri learned at that morning's challenge, what goes around comes around. Suddenly Lamber appears out of nowhere, and it's difficult to tell if she's been there the whole time and was typically silent, or if she just tracked the others down. The three keep looking nervously over their shoulders. Lamber makes Colby hug her and Colby grabs her "tummy" and asks if it's full. Jerri gets jealous and wants her tummy grabbed too. Colby hugs her but holds his breath and crosses his fingers behind his back. Jerri then tells us she no longer feels vulnerable as a result of their conversation.

The next day, Nick and Alicia fetch the clue. They nicely wait to open it until they are with the others. These Kuchas are just too nice. The clue is written on little tiles and is about "planning ahead" and "keep[ing] others out," followed by the painful statement that "it's hip to be square if immunity is what you need." In an Apu voice, Nick says, "What can it be?" Wait -- did the editors just allow Nick to exhibit some small indication of a personality? It can't be! The S9 take guesses about what the puzzle means and Alicia says, "Whatever you think it is, think it's something else." Jerri tells us that Alicia is the strongest person in the game, and that the men are sweating it big time. She says Alicia is probably aware of this and that she'll want immunity. Rodger hugs Alicia and calls her "kiddo" and tells her to do her best. I bet Rodger gives the best hugs.

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