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And then they vote: Elisabeth votes for Jerri and says it's "bumming [her] out a little" that Jerri gets cranky when she's hungry. Lamber draws a he-woman as she votes for Alicia because she's "strong inside and out." She claims it's a "respect vote." Rodger says Jerri's a "nice kid, but way too loud," and that she fit in the camp like one of those round pegs. Jerri votes for Alicia and again says the men are "scared to death" of her. Jerri is obsessed with what the men think of Alicia. That's all we see of the vote. Jerri gets the first vote, but really, we already know she's not going anywhere except straight to hell. When Alicia sees Lamber's he-woman, she laughs good-naturedly about it and asks, "Who did that?" It's a 4-4 vote between Jerri and Alicia, and Alicia's name is called. Jerri grins. As Alicia leaves she tells the others to "be safe" and says she'll see them in three days. Alicia is an extremely gracious loser as her team members stand and hug her to say goodbye. It's hard to disrespect this team, which so clearly respects each other.

Next week on Survivor: never before seen footage! The wildest moments! You won't believe what you'll see -- the same old clips played over and over and over again!

In her final words, Alicia tells us that she expected to leave and that she hopes someone from Kucha "can take this thing out." She says "it's all good" and "peace" and "out." And Ogakor can now vote Jerri out without jeopardizing their status, improving the quality of life for television-watchers everywhere.

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