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Last week on Survivor, Robb strangled Clay and then yodeled about it. Since the throttling wasn't quite confrontational enough, he also expressed an interest in spitting in Clay's face. Ted and Grindia got "a little too close for comfort" when Ted thought he was sleeping with his wife. But what was Grindia's excuse? Despite all the ass-eye-punching conflict, Chuay Gahn prevailed in both challenges. In Sook Jai's first Tribal Council, the tribe delegated the job of leaving the tribe to Jed. Thirteen are left. Who will be the final Survivor?

Thanks to all of you who responded to my plea for information on the perfect, sandballing crabs. Although I personally prefer the "it gives them a sense of purpose" rationale suggested by one of the readers, the correct answer is that these "sand bubbler crabs" feed on minute organic particles in the sand. They then roll the processed and filtered sand away from their holes, thus filling the beach with tiny balls. Hee. Tiny balls. In any case, you guys sure know your crab balls!

We open the show on Night 9 as long-faced Sook Jai members return from Tribal Council. Robb snidely inquires as to whether the others are happy with their decision (to vote Jed off), and Jake dodges the question by responding that he wasn't happy to get home so late in the evening. Shii Devil, who received three votes, didn't enjoy hearing her name called. Although it wasn't completely unexpected, it still felt icky. Robb thought he'd at least get one vote, what with the throttling and all. In an interview, he tells us he was shocked by the results of the vote because he thought Shii Devil was the tribe's choice; it demonstrates that nothing is "set in stone out here." While Jake echoes the same sentiment, Penny says she doesn't want to go through another Tribal Council; she wants to "literally kick ass" in the next challenges. It's a good thing she's on Robb's team, since he's the most likely of the S13 to engage in a literal ass-kicking. Also, Penny wants to show Chuay Gahn that Pennys aren't quitters! In an interview, Penny explains that she voted for Jed in keeping with the majority's decision. In other words, she mindlessly followed the popular choice. She complains that Jed was trying to "run the show" and refused to take advice from anyone. In short, she thinks the others made a good decision; she's glad she didn't bother to make a decision of her own. Lightning. Thunder. Rain. We see that Stephanie remains insistent on sleeping outside, while the rest of the tribe stays dry under the shelter. Clearly, she's learned her lesson from Jed: stubborn standoffishness leads to incredible success in this game.

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