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Morning dawns on Day 10, and we're still at Sook Jai. Penny gathers wood while a seated, hooded Stephanie glares at her. When Penny wishes Stephani a good morning, Stephanie doesn't respond. In an interview, she growls, "They got rid of Jed. Piss on 'em." Really, she's delightful. She explains that she was shocked by the tribe's decision; she doesn't think -- as difficult as the game is -- that they should be getting rid of the people making the biggest contributions. I think that if you asked the other remaining, thinking members of Sook Jai, they'd agree with Stephanie. Hence, the ouster of Jed. (Robb's vote is discounted, since he doesn't qualify as a "thinking " member of the tribe. Throttling? Yes. Thinking? No.)

While the rest of the tribe works together, feeding little sticks into the fire, flies swarm around washed-up squid on the tribe's beach. Shii Devil explains that they were waiting for the tide to go out before looking for food, but that Stephanie happened upon the scene. We see Stephanie return to camp, throws the squid in a pot, and stomp away, hence christening herself Stompanie. Stompanie, by the way, has a really strange manner of speaking. And dressing, for that matter. She's got the whole Laura Ingalls Wilder crossed with Mr. Miyagi thing going on. She snarls that she doesn't understand the whining about hunger when there's food right there "in front of their face." Do these S16 have a particular problem with the concept of singular versus plural? Seven tribe members have seven faces. It's not hard. Stompanie scornfully says, "They just disgust me!"

As the rest of the tribe continues to fuss around the pots, Shii Devil suggests that they use the largest pot only for boiling water. Moments after the decision has been made, Stompanie arrives bearing more squid. Jake expresses surprise, and Stompanie snits, "You guys must not even be lookin' -- they're layin' [sic] right here in front of you!" When Jake counters that they've been busy attending to the pots, she responds, "All of you? All five of you?" As she begins to toss the squid into the big pot, Shii Devil blocks her hand and minorly freaks out. Stompanie inquires where they want her to put the squid, for once not sounding completely pissed off, but Shii Devil gets all head shaky and eye roll-y anyway. I'm no Stompanie fan, but how was she supposed to know they'd decided to keep the big pot fish-free? In an interview, Shii Devil says she doesn't understand Stompanie's problem. She says that Stompanie claims to do all the work and thinks they're all idiots; Shii Devil insists that both beliefs are untrue. Stompanie only does most of the work, and just some of them are idiots. Shii Devil fails to note the irony in the fact that Stompanie has befriended the only unquestionable moron in the tribe: Robb. Shii Devil laments Stompanie's unexplained hatred toward the rest of the tribe. Jake doesn't know what Stompanie's deal is either; he says that she hasn't wanted to be part of the tribe since the beginning.

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