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The men float in the water while Ted insists that if he'd been cuddled up with Clay or Brian, he probably would have ground his body against them, too. Clay says he would have waited until morning and then dealt with the problem, but somehow I don't see that. I see lots of bug-eyed incomprehensible warbling. But anyway. In an interview, Clay tells us that he didn't like Grindia from the start. He thought, "This is a problem woman," and hoped she wouldn't be on his tribe. In short, he saw "a lot of trouble with Ghandia." The Trouble with Ghandia has a nice ring to it: yet another potential movie title. Clay admits that he rethought his initial impression of Grindia a few days into the experience, but then, "Nutty buddy, did the blood come forth!" In an interview, he says, "Do I feel sorry for Ghandia? Hell no!" He's ready to get "her ass back in Denver," and they can't get a jet there fast enough to take her away. Grindia sings that there's "so much love," and that she can feel it "just oozin' out all the pores of the cave" while the others look on, more irritated than amused. She says, "These six self-sacrificing people commune together in this cave," and insists that "it's just a big love-fest." She insists that even when people don't talk to you, they're trying to teach you a lesson, and that's a form of love, too. One could argue that grinding is also just another form of expressing one's love, but one would be wrong. Helen looks dismayed.

More group floating. Helen voice-overs that she worked for a rape-crisis center for many years, and that she believes Grindia's story. She doesn't believe Ted's side, but thinks that "Ted wants to believe Ted's side." She says that the boys will also believe Ted, and that there's a "conflict of understanding" between the sexes. As she points out that Grindia may have given Ted the wrong impression "by being as free as she is," a nude, pixilated, Homer Simpson-esque shape stalks along a path in the background. Helen doesn't think any of Grindia's behavior excused Ted's act, though. She insists, "Somewhere in the middle, there, lies the truth," and obviously just likes the sound of the statement, since she doesn't seem to think the truth lies in the middle at all. Jan prattles on about her calendar; she knows that it's Day 10, but has no clue what day of the week it is. She doesn't appear to realize that she could, by counting backward, figure that out. She's too busy being amazed that they're "still alive." I'm kind of amazed that Jan's still alive too.

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