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The tribes arrive on a small island, where Peachy awaits them. Robb boastfully reveals that Sook Jai has created a warrior, but purple spats aren't very Ghengis Kahn-like. Clay is also proud of Chuay Gal, and Grindia takes the opportunity to complain that she's "a bit lazy, though." This buys right into Peachy's set-up: he explains that today's challenge is all about carrying the weight of tribe members who can't do it for himself. The S13 will race around the island, while carrying the 250-lb. dummy. First, they will make their way along the shoreline before hitting their first major obstacle halfway through the course: a rope, which they will use to drag themselves and the dummy up a steep hill, taking them to the other side of the island. Peachy says that "once [they're] over the hill" (so Jan and Jake have a head start), they will navigate the dummy along a rocky shore, through an archway, and back around to the course's starting point. The first tribe back -- with the dummy, of course -- wins the reward. As Peachy explains, we see that the dummies are huddled together with their heads on each others' shoulders -- even they are embarrassed to be here. Peachy next reveals that they're competing for the season's first food reward. He stands beside a large sheathed object and dramatically unveils a rack filled with many, many bunches of bananas. The tribes look confused and try to muster enthusiasm. Bananas, fine. They won't get leg cramps. But what about the chocolate and the pizza? What about the Mountain Dew? Peachy promises that there are enough bananas to "last a long time;" some, in fact, are ripe and ready to eat immediately. He encourages the winners to rub the prize directly into the faces of the losers by digging in immediately following the challenge. Additionally, he promises a mystery reward awaiting them back at camp. Clay whispers sweet nothings in Chuay Gal's ear. Literal sweet nothings since, unless she's from the deep South, she probably can't understand a word he says. Meanwhile, Ted manages to refrain from grinding her. Seriously, Chuay Gal might have solved all of Chuay Gahn's problems had she arrived a few days sooner and taken the spot next to Ted in the shelter. Sook Jai chooses to sit out Shii Devil, who seems to sit out every other challenge -- as many as possible, since no competitor can sit out two in a row.

The race begins, and Robb chooses to tackle rather than strangle the dummy. Sook Jai runs while Chuay Gahn takes the slow and steady approach. Robb assumes the role of Sook Jai's leader, and who let that happen? When they arrive at the rope, the tribes are side by side. While her tribe attempts to climb up, Jan hangs on the back of the rope and hopes they don't notice they're pulling her up, as well. Sook Jai emerges ahead, and then throws its dummy down the hill. The show would be far more interesting if they did the same with their lagging tribemates. Stompanie is busting her ass for Sook Jai; she slides down a hill, wipes out, conks her head on a tree branch, and falls again, rolling under the heavy dummy. That can't have felt good. Then Jake falls in exactly the same place. Jake has the uncanny ability to repeat both words and pratfalls. Penny complains that she's getting tired, but puts it on Jake by yelling that he needs a break. That's not very Penny-like behavior. By now, Robb and Ken appear to be bearing most of the weight of Sook Jai's dummy. Behind them, Chuay Ghan attempts to hustle, but they're substantially lacking in manpower. Clay is red-faced while Jan just carries a foot. Jake also carries a foot, which is a lot, maybe, since Ken only has an arm? Now both tribes are on the beach, and Helen takes a bad fall, landing on her back on the rocky beach, but no one helps her up. Shii Devil cheers on her tribe as they approach the finish line with, "You guys rock!" Chuay Gahn at least tries to finish strong, making Sook Jai look bad for giving up last week. Not that Sook Jai needs help looking bad. Although they do manage to applaud Chuay Gahn for completing the challenge. And no spittle is involved! Peachy pronounces Sook Jai the winning tribe as Ted collapses on the dummy; Jan wanders over and looks envious of the comfy spot. Peachy points out Sook Jai's bananas and encourages them to "partake if [they] like right now." Robb wants "the first good one," but the camera would rather focus on Erin as she bites into the banana. Jake, meanwhile, is too busy trying not to die to enjoy his prize. Sook Jai continues to eats bananas while Chuay Gahn look on in dismay. Most of Chuay Gahn, anyway. Jan just grins away because bananas sure are funny-looking fruit! Peachy advises Sook Jai to "take [their] bananas and get on outta" there.

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