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Back at Chuay Gahn, Ted wrings out his undies and hangs them from a stone. So okay, I'm not absolutely certain it's undies, but undies-washing is funnier than just about any other thing he might be washing. Clay complains in an interview that they were beaten "pretty good" because Grindia and Jan gave up halfway through the course. Ted then tells the other men that "homegirl got heavier and heavier and heavier," because they were both pushing and pulling. He says he was like, "Come on, Chuay Girls." Clay points out that both Ted and Brian mentioned Grindia's using the dummy to pull herself up the hill. He explains that they had to change positions around the dummy because they "didn't have a chance in hell" with Grindia hanging off the back. As the bitchfest continues, Brian points out that Grindia didn't have the right shoes on. This is preceded by a close-up of Ted's marching sandals, so I'm not sure where they're going with this; either we're supposed to notice that Ted is also wearing inappropriate footwear, or we're supposed to mistake his feet for Grindia's. Brian explains that one of Grindia's shoes fell off, and so she was just hanging on and unable to contribute to the effort.

Back at camp, an eye-rolling, gesticulating Grindia knows what the boys are talking about. She tells Helen and Jan, "And the boys go off to play the blame game, and the gals go off to get food." She says she heard the "two punk-asses was [sic] already doing it when they was [sic] sittin' on the wall!" She imitates Clay in a lispy, whiny voice, and poor Clay is the object of all the nasty impressions. Not that they're so far off. Grindia announces, "That's how Clay do [sic], man!" In an interview, Grindia tells us that the men are blaming the women right now for their own loss. She says the men don't think Jan is strong enough, and they're upset because Grindia lost a shoe. She claims that the others like to "finger-point," and admits that she's not a total hardbody. She brags, "Yeah, I kickbox. Yeah, I work out. Yea, I have two kids. Yeah, I run around all the time," but doesn't think it's the same as working out seven days a week, and complains that all the members of Sook Jai look physically fit. Still, she insists that she didn't go on Survivor to win "no freaking bananas"; she came to win some "freaking money." She tells us that "Moo Cow and, you know, Fat Albert over there" may complain about missing food, but they need to start thinking about the game as a test of will, strength, and survival skills. She warns that if they start picking each other apart, she's going to "shut that shit down." Jan laughs at Grindia's diatribe because she doesn't know what else do to. Grindia would rather be the next to go than play the "all that blame game." She didn't seem to mind the "blame game" last week, though.

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