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At just this point, Chad runs up to Sarge and Twila and tells them that it just occurred to him that rather than getting the women to vote off Eliza, they could maybe bring Eliza over with them and Twila and make five. Wow, YOU THINK? They're all like, "Hmm." Twila says in an interview that she's willing to play however she needs to play to get farther. Everyone prepares for tribal council. Chris interviews that on the first night with the merged tribe, he learned that it was important not to mess with the women, to watch what he said, and not to piss them off. He adds that his alliance with Chris and Sarge just doesn't have the numbers to get around the current problem unless something changes and they can connect with Twila and Eliza.

Tribal council. Around the fire, Jeff says he wants to start by talking about yesterday's reward challenge, and about how pissed-off Eliza was. She admits she was angry, but goes for something diplomatic about how she would have been mad to come in second, too: "It's just my nature." Jeff tells her that the reason he's asking is that from the very first tribal council, it doesn't seem like she was doing very well with the women, and he wonders if she still feels like it's all uphill with them. She points out that she's the only one of the women who brought a bag, in part because she doesn't want "Rory Syndrome," where you start to get confident and then lose. Heh. Everyone laughs. Jeff asks Sarge whether he senses division among the women, and Sarge flatly announces that there is definite division among the women. "I see it every day," he says, and he adds that, frankly, some of the women are on the outs of a smaller sub-alliance, and that unless they smarten up, they won't last much longer than...well, he will. Sarge then tells the story about Twila mistakenly believing that she was being yanked around about F4, and he wishes she hadn't "let Julie snake her." Hey, dirty. Twila agrees that she wound up "stuck in the middle." And she says the women know that she likes the guys better on a personal level.

Jeff asks Leann whether there's respect for the fact that Twila made friends on both sides and has told the truth about it. Leann throws in that she does understand and respect that, and what's more, she doesn't understand why Twila has taken a beating for it and Julie has gotten off "scot-free." Julie insists that she didn't, and that the men took her skulls during the reward challenge and are going to vote for her tonight instead of Twila. Jeff asks Chris whether duplicity is part of the game, and I wonder for a moment whether Chris knows what duplicity is, but it appears that he does. He says that Twila and Julie played both sides as is sometimes required. It is my opinion that Chris has noticed that in F2 situations, the thing juries love to harp on the most is hypocrisy (though usually imagined) -- a sort of "You said this, but on the other side, you did that" argument. And I think Chris is determined that he will never crack on anybody at tribal council for playing the game, lest they lash out at him later. I think he has the game pretty well knocked in that limited sense, though his participation in this episode's stupid "vote off Eliza" escapade disqualifies him from consideration as a serious strategic monster.

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