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Jeff points out that tonight's vote is a little different, because everyone from here on out will be on the jury. Now, here's a thought. It's going to wind up as a seven-member jury, and if you assume that this all goes from her as the women plan, you're going to have a jury that includes Chad, Chris, Sarge, and Eliza -- and that's four votes. You'd think that perhaps Ami and Scout and some of these preening bitches would notice that if they were a little bit less nasty, they might be able to snag some jury votes that otherwise are not going to come their way.

At any rate, Ami has immunity, and it's vote time. Eliza votes. Leann votes. Scout votes. Twila votes. Julie votes. Sarge votes. Chad votes. Ami votes. Chris votes for -- Sarge. "I'm gonna burn every one of them," he says as he votes. "Just let them open a door. This is for you, not against you." Interesting.

Jeff reads the votes, which include one for Julie, one for Eliza, and a whole bunch for Sarge. Aw, sorry, big guy. Nothing we can do for you now. I really do not understand how they didn't pull together the thing with Twila and Eliza, both of whom have to know they don't have great prospects far down the line with the women. Because now, Chris, Chad, Eliza, and Twila would need somebody else, or they'll be in a tie. It's just a bad situation.

Sarge takes off, and Jeff reminds everyone that individual immunity can always change the entire picture. And then he sends them home.

In his exit interview, Sarge is like, "I had a great time. You all suck." Basically.

Next week: rain. Fire problems. And...the possibility of the herd turning on Ami and Leann, which I really, really, really hope is true. Because I cannot stand Ami a lot.

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