Gender Wars…And It's Getting Ugly

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Sarge has a seat on the Bench of Pain next to Chad. Scout hits Chris. The next question is about the meaning of large curved pig tusks. It turns out that they represent wealth. Eliza gets it right and takes out Chris. So there go the guys, and as Chris sits down, he chuckles, "Oh, it's not a woman-man thing." Smug, smug little Ami and Leann stand around tut-tutting about what Ami calls the "bitterness going on." You know, you can declare your alliances and stick to them if you want to, and you can expect other people to accept it as part of the game, but you really can't expect them to not notice or not say anything as you're doing it, and mocking them as bitter for even noticing what you're doing seems a little unnecessarily bossy. I find Ami so insufferable at this point that it almost makes me care about the season, because I do eagerly await her downfall, which really can't come soon enough for me.

Anyway, Jeff comments that the women are now in the position of having to "eat each other," meaning that they're all going to get very, very hungry. The first shot across the bow comes in the form of Twila setting fire to Eliza. "Oh, I see how it is," Eliza says with a nervous smile, not sure yet how pissed off to be. "Oh, it's been that way," Sarge puts in encouragingly. Scout hits Leann with her first shot. Now Jeff asks the following question: "True or false: Local sorcerers often participate in Magmae, a soul-cleansing ritual in which a small cup of lava is consumed to exorcise spirits and evil demons." Julie, Eliza, and Leann all deserve to be sent home immediately, because they suspect that's true. That they drink lava. It is, of course, false. "The correct answer is false," Jeff deadpans. "If you drank lava you would die," he adds as Sarge and Chris laugh and shake their heads. "It would burn all of your internal organs," Jeff continues in this vein, as Julie shrugs and looks around sheepishly like, "Isn't it a good thing I'm cute?" Ami, Twila, and Scout got it right. Ami hits Twila. Twila hits Eliza again. Scout turns to Eliza with a snotty little grin and says, "Eliza, in deference to your knowledge," and knocks her out of the game. Not necessary. You can be a granny and still be a bitch. "Shows you just where you are, doesn't it, boys?" Eliza comments as she heads over to sit with the guys. They grin at her as she sits. "She's a smart one," Scout says with a smirk. "And you're really not," Eliza chuckles as she looks up at Chris, like, "Can you believe that?" Because for all of her faults, Eliza gets this moment -- she's sitting there like, "Dude, if you're going to be all flamboyant with how much you can't stand me, I'm going to sit over here with these boys, do you not get it?" Chris laughs with delight at what's occurring.

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