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Speaking of Scout, she, Chad, and Chris go for a little walk, leaving behind a nervous Eliza who definitely wishes she knew what they're up to. Scout tells the guys that as to Eliza, Scout "hate[s] hanging out with that energy," like, groovy, man. Because they are total idiots, Chad and Chris keep going down this road, trying to talk Scout into eliminating Eliza, which has no possible advantage to Scout at all. What they should be doing is talking to people who will see something in it for themselves to vote the way Chad and Chris want them to. Why is this complicated? Anyway, Chad says that the guys figured Eliza might be a good candidate for booting. Scout -- who just used the piece of quasi-hippie bullshit gibberish "I hate hanging out with that energy" -- bitches about the fact that Eliza uses the word "like." Gosh, Language Goddess, tell me more.

Back at camp, Eliza is trying the probably futile approach of telling Ami that Scout is off with Chad and Chris, and trying to convince Ami that in addition to trash-talking Eliza, Scout is also heavily into trash-talking Ami herself. Ami's not really listening, and although I despise her, I can't really blame her. Eliza -- with her eyebrows looking much too groomed for this point in the game -- tells us that she's paranoid, and that she's been paranoid all along. "You have to be paranoid," she says pleasantly and blankly. But then, equally blankly and less pleasantly, she tells Ami that Scout is the one person in the group she actively dislikes. She explains to us that Scout has gone after Eliza once or twice already, and would undoubtedly vote for her if asked. Scout confirms in an interview that she can't stand Eliza, which she describes as the fact that the two of them have "tension." My goodness, Scout's skin is in bad shape. I feel the need to make her into a wallet. As we watch Leann and Julie tango across camp (no, really), Scout explains that the two of them have become very close, and Scout is concerned that Julie might be taking her place "in the hierarchy." Scout says that there could always be changes, and that she could always go home herself.

The pig yawns. I feel you, bacon.

Sarge and Twila have it out elsewhere, and after he tells her how pissed off he was that she gave him her word and broke it, she busts out the fact that Julie told her that the two of them had both been promised final four, which Sarge assures her is not true. Twila interviews that she believes Sarge that the guys were intending to take her to the final four the whole time. So, oops. Sarge tells Twila that it was really dumb for her to switch back to the women, because with the guys, she was going to the final four, and with the women, she very well might not. Sarge doesn't understand why Twila didn't come back and talk to him after she heard from Julie. She admits that she should have, and then she tells us in an interview that she feels bad about going with the women, because frankly, the guys she's now in the process of screwing were nicer to her than the women ever were. "I do feel like I let them down," she says.

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